Karol Aquilina to take action against ‘corrupt’ police officer in due time

Karol Aquilina to take action against ‘corrupt’ police officer in due time
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Nationalist MP Karol Aquilina has stated that he intends to take action against a senior police officer who handed footage to a Labour journalist who in turn manipulated it to come up with charges. The action is set to be taken ‘in due time’, with the case involving an incident which saw the MP end up in the middle of a number of cars which were being escorted by police. 

Aquilina had been driving to parliament, with the cars being escorted by police not carrying any passengers. The incident occurred on December 13 Road in Marsa in June of 2019. Speaking in parliament, Aquilina recalled how Labour media went as far as to accuse him of having tried to seriously injure or even kill police officers, reckless driving beyond even a red light, corrupting a police officer and even abusing parliamentary privilege. 

Aquilina was however acquitted of all charges as a court threw out the case last Wednesday. The court observed how the footage, despite having been edited, showed that Aquilina’s manner of driving was what one would expect of any prudent driver and thus no laws or regulations were broken. The court expressed incredulity that the case had even been prosecuted. 

Aquilina also on his part stated without any doubt that the case was made up as an attempt to silence his questioning about former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar as well as remarks mad about former chief of staff Keith Schembri and other individuals. Aquilina said that the most corrupt officer in the force acquired the footage and handed it to Karl Stagno Navarra. Aquilina stated that he would take action against said officer in due time because what happened was unacceptable to any person who could end up in similar situations. 

Aquilina claimed this was persecution, and not prosecution. 


Photo Source: Malta Police Force FB, Karol Aquilina FB

€200,000 in parking fines contested by scooter firms

15 day memo by PBS called unreasonable by Minister
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Two companies which provide e-scooters rental services are contesting over €200,000 in fines issued in the past five months. The fines concern obstruction and non-observance of traffic regulations which include illegal parking. The companies are insisting that the law is incorrectly treating electric scooters as motor vehicles as they seek to challenge the ‘defective’ laws in court. 

The companies in question believe that the issue of abandoned scooters on pavements could be resolved easily if Transport Malta and local councils were to sit with them to provide docking stations at regular intervals. They also said that the demand for the clean mode of transport is exponentially increasing as scooters are being used for short distances by an also increasing number of unique users daily. 

Bolt chief executive Klas Johansson stated that his company is busy contesting over €100,000 in fines issued by LESA officers over the past few months. He said that they are attending weekly tribunal sittings with some cases being thrown out because the judges realise that the law is not clear. 

Roberto Pestana, a director of Seven Group Malta Limited, operators of Bird scooters, also said that his company provides scooters in 300 cities across Europe. The company was allegedly facing fines only in Malta. Since they began operating in Malta in May, LESA officers have been issuing fines over obstruction, dangerous or illegal parking.

The obstruction fine currently sands at €104.65 whilst all other offences carry a €23.25 fine. Petsona told Times of Malta that in just five months, up to €100,000 in fines have been racked up. 

On their part, LESA CEO Svetlick Flores said wardens were simply enforcing the rules governing the use of e-scooters through subsidiary legislation for low-powered vehicles and pedal cycles and micro-mobility regulations. These regulations are specific for these modes of transport, the LESA CEO said, as they are treated differently from motor vehicles governed by the Motor Vehicle Regulations. 

Electric kick scooters may, according to rules, be parked on pavements and promenades or on footpaths and in pedestrian zones so long as they do not obstruct pedestrian traffic free flow or their use by people with mobility impairment. On parking, the law states that the e-scooters are to be parked in specifically designated parking spaces such as racks. 

Bird’s lawyer states that the law is ‘defective’ as scooters are not motor vehicles and cannot be considered as such. ‘An electric scooter is a stand-up device that has a handlebar, a deck and a small hard wheels powered by an electric motor which also allows for human propulsion and this doe snot make this device a motor vehicle as defined in the law.’ 


Photo Source: Bolt FB, Ukrgate

WATCH: Local radio host eats 1kg of Nutella in 30 minutes

Local radio host eats 1kg of Nutella in 30 minutes
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Despite apparently not being a big fan of the Italian hazelnut spread, VIBE FM’s Naledi sat down and filmed herself downing an entire 1kg of Nutella. The video was uploaded to IGTV, and it’s just a few minutes less than 30 minutes of Naledi continuously struggling to eat another tablespoon. 


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The original challenge was to finish the jar off in just 1 hour, but Naledi defied all odds and did it all in 30 minutes. The challenge got harder with every spoonful, using water as the ol’ reliable to help her push through. Naledi ends the video feeling quite sick but triumphant… and probably glad she doesn’t have to go through it again. 

The video was received with mixed reactions. Some want to try it out, or simply wish they had the stomach to do so. Some said Naledi is an absolute champion for doing so, while others hinted at her sugar levels skyrocketing. What do you think? 


Photo Source: @theonlynaledi IG

The wedding of your dreams awaits at the Montekristo Wedding Open Weekend!

The wedding of your dreams awaits at the Montekristo Wedding Open Weekend
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Ever thought about organising the wedding of your dreams but didn’t know where to start? Never fear because Montekristo is collaborating with Malta’s top wedding suppliers to bring you the Montekristo Wedding Open Weekend!

The open weekend will take place between 5-7 November and will host over 50 stalls with some of Malta’s best suppliers in everything from photography to catering, driving companies and everything in between. Ironing out the details has never been so easy with everything you need for your dream location in one accessible and gorgeous location.

To make things even easier for the potential newlyweds, Montekristo is Malta’s largest outdoor location, with a range of venues ready to accomodate both indoor and outdoor weddings at any time of year.

As we celebrate the last few months of 2021, Montekristo has welcomed new General Manager Clyde Bantick, who plans to breath new life into the estate and attract more weddings and corporate events.

Montekristo claim that “your chosen venue is more than just a setting; it’s the place where memories are made, so set the date and we’ll make it worth remembering!” The establishment’s approach towards the big day is just the kind of mentality you’d want to put your mind at rest.