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Kacey Sciberras Paid Tribute At St. Paul’s Bay Festa With Banner In Her Likeness

Jul 29 2023 Share

This year’s village feast in St. Paul’s Bay took on a poignant and emotional tone as the Kumitat Festa Marija Sultana tal-Martri San Pawl il-Baħar AD 1969 paid a touching tribute to the late Kacey Sciberras.

The 17-year-old, a former resident of St. Paul’s Bay, tragically lost her life in a devastating traffic accident back in May, leaving the tight-knit community in mourning.

To honour Kacey’s memory and celebrate her life, the organising committee of the village feast unveiled a striking tribute banner in her likeness. The banner, prominently displayed during the festivities, serves as a heartfelt remembrance of the young student who was taken too soon.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo took to Facebook on Saturday morning to share a few snaps of the banner, congratulating the committee for their tireless work and touching tribute.

The gesture of dedicating a tribute banner in her honour at the village feast reflects the deep bond between Kacey and the St. Paul’s Bay community. It is a reminder that her memory will forever remain alive in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.


Juventus Forced Out Of Europa Conference League After Financial Breach

Jul 29 2023 Share

Italian giants Juventus have been dealt a devastating blow by UEFA after their involvement in a false accounting case. The European football governing body has stripped Juventus of their place in all European competitions, sending shockwaves through the footballing world.

As a result of Juventus’ exclusion, fellow Italian club Fiorentina has been granted a golden opportunity to shine on the European stage. La Viola will now take Juventus’ place in the playoffs round, which is set to take place on August 24th.

In an entirely separate and unrelated case, English Premier League side Chelsea has been slapped with a hefty financial penalty by UEFA. The Blues, under the previous ownership of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, have been ordered to pay a staggering settlement of €10 million for submitting incorrect financial data over a seven-year period between 2012 and 2019.

The shocking revelations about Chelsea’s financial mismanagement have cast a shadow over the club’s recent successes and raised concerns about their future financial stability. The sizeable fine is undoubtedly a bitter pill to swallow for the West London club, leaving many wondering how this setback will impact their operations moving forward.


Why Are Men Under 30 Having Less Sex?

Jul 28 2023 Share

An unexpected trend has emerged, revealing a significant increase in celibacy among young men under 30. 

Over the past decade, the number of sexually abstinent men in this age group has nearly tripled, reaching a historic peak in 2018.

Experts are now shedding light on the factors driving this phenomenon, which encompasses influences ranging from social media to living arrangements.

Data from the General Social Survey, a reputable source for sociological research, has provided a revealing glimpse into the evolving sexual habits of Millennials aged 18 to 30. Among this demographic, approximately 23% reported abstaining from sexual activity within the past year. While both men and women reported engaging in less sexual activity, it is the male population that stands out with a remarkable surge in abstinence.

The numbers are striking: in 2008, only 10% of young men reported abstaining from sex, but by 2018, this figure had dramatically climbed to 28%. On the other hand, women recorded slightly better numbers, though they also reported a decline in sexual activity over the same period.

Experts have pointed to various reasons behind this trend, with lifestyle changes and technology use playing a significant role.

Here are some of the key factors contributing to the rise of celibacy among young men:

1. Prolonged Living at Home: Economic and societal shifts have led to more young adults choosing to live with their parents for longer periods. This change in living arrangements may create an environment that is less conducive to forming intimate relationships.

2. Social Media Impact: The prevalence of social media platforms has revolutionised how young adults interact and build relationships. The allure of virtual connections and online validation may have diverted attention from traditional dating and physical intimacy.

3. Video Game and Digital Distractions: The immersive world of video games and digital entertainment has captivated many young men, leading to decreased interest or time for romantic pursuits.

4. Career and Education Prioritisation: Pursuing higher education and career advancement can be time-consuming and emotionally demanding, potentially leaving little room for romantic endeavours.

5. Anxiety and Insecurities: Some experts suggest that increased anxiety and insecurities, amplified by social media comparisons and unrealistic expectations, may deter young men from pursuing intimate relationships.


ADPD Criticises PL and PN’s Approaches to Electricity Distribution

Jul 28 2023 Share

The ADPD has strongly criticised both the PL and PN for their respective stances on Malta’s electricity distribution system. While highlighting the PL’s denial of responsibility for the system’s deterioration, the party also expresses concerns about the PN’s proposals, which they believe would create new problems for the country.

The Leader of the ADPD, Sandra Gauci, took a direct jab at the PL government, accusing them, including Prime Minister Robert Abela and Minister Miriam Dalli, of allowing the electricity distribution system to crumble to the point of failure. Gauci laments the disastrous economic policy of pursuing growth at any cost and emphasizes that the current situation is a result of the government’s negligence. She contends that instead of acknowledging their faults and apologizing to affected businesses, workers, and families, the PL is offering pseudo-solutions and deflecting blame for the crisis.

Gauci further criticizes the idea of creating new positions on new authorities, seeing it as an unnecessary expense for the country. Instead, the ADPD believes that competent politicians should support and enable competent authorities to work efficiently in a professional manner.

Dr. Ralph Cassar, also from the ADPD, shifts the focus to the PN’s proposals regarding private electricity distribution companies. He calls their approach “dangerous” and argues that electricity distribution should remain centralized for efficiency and reduced waste. The ADPD advocates for a transition towards more electricity generation from renewable sources, particularly from rooftops and wind turbines in industrial areas saying that “all energy generated should feed into a single distribution system.”

The ADPD emphasised support for Enemalta, urging the need for professional management to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. While criticizing the PL for neglecting the distribution system, the ADPD raises concerns about the PN’s proposals, which they believe would create private monopolies in a critical service.

ADPD’s vision calls for a centralised, public-owned distribution system, empowering buildings to generate their required electricity while also contributing excess energy to the grid. The party also envisions renewable energy cooperatives generating clean energy for distribution. They are demanding a long-term transformation of the energy sector to ensure it aligns with the urgency of addressing climate change and serves the needs of the country both now and in the future.