Juventus board shockingly resigns en masse amid financial corruption allegations

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Juventus board shockingly resigns en masse amid financial corruption allegations

Chaos broke out at Juventus on Monday evening after it was reported that president Andrea Agnelli, vice president Pavel Nedved and the rest of the board resigned by unanimous decision.

The Serie A giant is currently facing a wave of financial issues together with the public prosecution’s investigation into what may very well be accounting fraud. In an email written to Juve employees, Agnelli stated “We are dealing with a delicate moment from a club standpoint.” 

In the meantime, the club’s social media pages have been flooded with comments from fans asking with concern about the board’s sudden resignations.


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Back in September, the club registered a record loss of €254.4 million euros. Following the loss report, Italian government regulator Consob intervened, with the public prosecutor’s office investigating looking into statements of false accounting between 2018 and 2020.

In the midst of a World Cup break for the club, managing director Maurizio Arrivabene will continue to helm administrative duties despite his resignation as the club faces a looming period of transition ahead.


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100 companies in UK sign up for 4-day week with same pay

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100 companies in UK sign up for 4-day week with same pay

100 UK companies have signed up for a permanent four-day working week for all their employees with zero loss of pay. 

The 100 companies employ around 2,600 staff, which is a relatively small fraction of the UK’s working population. But the 4 Day Week Campaign group is hoping to continue to push this labour reform.

The two biggest companies that signed up are Atom Bank and global marketing company Awin, who each employ around 450 staff in the country. 

They have been accredited by the 4 day work week campaign, which means that they have shown that they have genuinely reduced hours for workers rather than forcing them into longer days. 

The UK campaign is also currently working on the world’s biggest pilot scheme for around 70 companies, with 3,300 workers, to adopt the 4 day work week in a trial with various researchers. 

88% of these companies reported last September, in the middle of the trial, that the work schedule was working well for business. 95% of the companies surveyed said productivity had either stayed the sam or improved. 

Last year, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana pushed against the idea of a 4-day work week for Malta. He said that worker productivity had to significantly increase before this could be considered. 


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Man invades World Cup match to stand up for various human right issues

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The World Cup match between Portugal and Uruguay was briefly stopped after a man holding onto a rainbow flag ran across the pitch in what must be one of the bravest pitch invasions ever considering Qatar’s human rights record.

The brave fan, who was eventually caught by security, also wore a Superman shirt which had the words, ‘Save Ukraine’ on the front and ‘Respect for Iranian women’ on the back, two of the most current pressing human rights issues. The referee was seen picking up and removing the rainbow flag once it fell.

Homosexuality is currently illegal in Qatar whose laws operate under the Islamic State Sharia law. There have been countless reports of bad treatment to fans wearing rainbow colours.




Portugal progress to World Cup knockout stage after narrow win against Uruguay

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Portugal have joined fellow favourites France and Brazil in the knockout stages after beating Uruguay, the team that knocked them out in the last World Cup.

The game started with both teams having a cautious mentality and not jeopardize any potential good result. Risks were rarely taken and the defences of both teams shined out more than their attacking players.

Portugal finally broke the deadlock in the 54th minute when Cristiano Ronaldo seemed to head in a floating Bruno Fernandes cross. The goal scorer of the goal was questioned as it was not clear enough if the legendary striker had actually touched the ball or not.

It was later confirmed as Fernandes’s goal much to the disappointment of the millions of Ronaldo fans. The attacking midfielder later added another to his tally with a calm and collected penalty in the 92nd minute.

Portugal now have a match against Korea ahead of them whilst Uruguay will have a very heated match against Ghana, a rematch of the intense and dramatic 2010 Word Cup Quarter Final.


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