Jurassic World Returns in 2025 As Release Date Revealed

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The much-anticipated return of the “Jurassic World” franchise to cinema screens has been officially set for July 2nd, 2025, igniting excitement among fans across the globe.

A recent announcement made through the official Jurassic World social media page has sent the franchise’s enthusiasts into a frenzy, amassing tens of thousands of likes in just a few days. The hype reflects Jurassic’s popularity, which has captivated audiences with its blend of prehistoric intrigue and modern-day adventure.

The last instalment in the “Jurassic World” saga, featuring stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, was partly filmed Malta, where the island served as a dinosaur black market of sorts. This choice of location not only showcased Malta’s natural beauty but also contributed significantly to the film’s global success, leaving fans and locals alike to speculate eagerly about the possibility of the blockbuster series making a return to the Maltese shores for its next instalment.

As anticipation builds for the 2025 release, the question of whether the iconic dinosaurs will once again roam the scenic backdrop of Malta adds an extra layer of excitement to the wait. Whether the franchise returns to Malta or explores new horizons, one thing is certain: “Jurassic World” continues to be a cinematic phenomenon that draws audiences into its awe-inspiring universe, time and time again.


WATCH: Man Destroying Car Mirror Caught On Video

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A shocking incident on the streets of Malta is beginning to make the rounds on social media, initially shared on Maltese community Facebook page ‘Are You Being Served’.

The footage shows a man, nonchalantly walking along the pavement with his friend, suddenly and deliberately smashing a car mirror. The brazen act of vandalism didn’t stop at one vehicle; according to the post sharing the video, the perpetrator reportedly damaged several other cars as well.

The user who posted the video expressed their frustration and disbelief with the caption, “When you try to earn a living and find someone like this. Plus he damaged other cars.”

This incident has sparked outrage and concern among the community members, highlighting the unforeseen challenges faced by individuals in maintaining their property and livelihoods.


Bernard Grech & Young David Spend Day Together for ‘Leaders For A Day’

Bernard Grech & Young David Spend Day Together for 'Leaders For A Day'
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The JA Malta Foundation’s ‘Leaders for a Day’ initiative brought together young, aspiring politician David with Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech for a unique experience.

This initiative seeks to inspire the next generation by providing them with the opportunity to shadow high-ranking individuals in modern society, thus broadening their understanding of leadership roles and the intricacies of governance.

Throughout the day, David was immersed in the bustling world of Maltese politics, gaining firsthand insight into the daily responsibilities and challenges faced by the Opposition leader Amidst a schedule packed with meetings, briefings, and discussions, Bernard Grech and David managed to capture a selfie in Grech’s office.

The JA Malta Foundation took to social media to express their gratitude towards Dr. Grech for his invaluable cooperation and willingness to participate in the project, highlighting the impact of such engagements on aspiring leaders.

In a parallel gesture of support for the initiative, Prime Minister Robert Abela also participated, partnering with Josef Mario Xiberras. Their day commenced with an energizing start at the gym, setting a precedent for a dynamic and engaging day ahead.

The ‘Leaders for a Day’ initiative not only fosters a bridge between the current and future generations of leaders but also emphasises the importance of mentorship, experience, and direct engagement in nurturing the ambitions of young individuals eager to make a difference in the world.


Majority Believes Parliament Barriers Should Be Removed, Poll Says

Majority Believes Parliament Barriers Should Be Removed, Poll Says
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In a demonstration of public opinion, a recent poll conducted by Malta Daily has revealed that a vast majority of participants, 82%, are advocating for the removal of the barriers in front of Malta’s Parliament building.

This finding underscores a growing sentiment among the Maltese population that these physical obstructions not only impede the visual aesthetics and accessibility of a key national landmark but also symbolise a barrier to the democratic engagement and openness that the Parliament stands for.

Malta Daily has not only highlighted these findings but also taken a step further by initiating a campaign aimed at the removal of these barriers. The campaign, which has gained considerable traction, is supported by a change.org petition that is currently live, inviting citizens to lend their voice to this cause.

This overwhelming response to the poll and the subsequent campaign initiated by Malta Daily signal a clear message from the public: the barriers in front of Malta’s Parliament building should be removed. It represents a call to action for those in authority to listen to the will of the people and to foster a more open and inclusive space in the heart of Malta’s capital.