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July 2023 Hottest Month On Met Office Records

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July 2023 Hottest Month On Met Office Records

July of the previous year attained the status of being the hottest month in the historical records of the Meteorological Office, boasting an average air temperature of 29.6°C. 

Prior to this, the local temperature record was held by August 1999, with an average temperature of 29.2°C.

Although a sequence of exceptionally higher-than-average temperatures was recorded last month, the ultimate distinction of the highest temperature still rests with August 1999, when the mercury reached an impressive 43.8°C.

Analyzing the maximum temperatures throughout July, it is evident that on 24 days, the thermometer surged past the established climate norm of 31.7°C. Notably, during a ten-day heatwave, six consecutive days experienced maximum temperatures ranging from 40°C to 42.7°C, culminating on July 24th.

July’s coldest point occurred on the 6th, registering a temperature of 21.1°C, which deviated 1.0°C below the standard minimum for the month. Interestingly, back in 1980, the nighttime temperature had plummeted to 15.5°C, a figure more in line with November’s norms than those of July.

Accompanying the elevated temperatures of last July were a total of 382.1 hours of sunshine, even on the least sunny day which logged 10.7 hours of sunshine. The month’s average cloud cover stood at 0.3 oktas, falling below the anticipated 0.8 oktas.

Unsurprisingly, considering the customary rainfall for July is a mere 0.1mm, the month remained completely dry.

Despite being relatively tranquil, July did experience a maximum gust of 31 knots originating from the Northwest on the second day. Towards the end of the month, there was a much-welcomed return of northwest winds, contributing to a cooler climate on the islands.


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Heinz Propose Barbiecue And Tomato Kenchup

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Heinz Propose Barbiecue And Tomato Kenchup

The Barbie craze has not yet faded away, and this time around, Heinz has jumped on the trend to bring the pink to their iconic sauces. 

Posting to social media, the iconic brand giant unveiled their contribution to the slow Barbie-fication of the entire world. 

‘Heinz just entered the chat’, the brand wrote on the caption. ‘Who thinks we should make this dream team a reality?’


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The image shows not just a Barbiecue sauce, but a spin on their tomato ketchup, replacing the ‘ket’ with ‘ken.’

And the comments were absolutely loving it. ‘Do you know how many little girls birthday parties would have this’, said one. 

‘I would buy in multiples. Please make this happen!!’ said another. ‘Obviously is a Barbie girl in a Heinz world’. 


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Popularity Of Baby Names Barbie And Ken Explodes

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Popularity Of Baby Names Barbie And Ken Explodes

We might soon have to welcome a new generation of kids named Barbie and Ken, following the huge success of the recently released hit film by Greta Gerwig. 

According to a baby-naming website, Nameberry, searches for the names Barbie and Ken have skyrocketed as the movie continues to break record after record. 

Since April, searches by expecting parents considering Barbie, which is short for Barbara, shot up by a whopping 603%. 

Barbie was already a popular name back in the 1960s, given that the doll was released in 1959. The popularity dropped, with the name Ken, a shorter version of the Scottish name Kenneth, retaining its popularity throughout the years. 

Following the Barbie Movie release, the name Ken was searched by more than 293% the normal rate. 

Following the portrayals by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it seems as though we might see a resurgence in the names, bringing the iconic meme phrases ‘Hi Barbie’ and ‘He’s just Ken’ closer to reality. 

Would you name your kids Barbie or Ken?


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The Sun Describes Malta As Amsterdam On The Sea

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The Sun Describes Malta As Amsterdam On The Sea

The Sun, a popular British tabloid, just published an article describing Malta as the country where young holidaymakers can find good food, cheap booze and legal weed. 

Malta was also described as ‘Amsterdam-on-sea’, given how the Netherland’s iconic city is normally associated with stereotypes Malta is, according to this article, taking on. 

‘WITH racy dance shows, boozed-up Brits and the sickly sweet smell of cannabis filling the air, this European holiday hotspot might sound a little familiar.’

‘But it is not the infamous red light district of Amsterdam, where millions of tourists flock each year for legal joints and X-rated thrills.’

‘In 2021, the picturesque island – situated between Sicily and the North African coast – became the first EU country to legalise the cultivation and personal use of cannabis.’

‘The landmark ruling has led to dedicated drug shops popping up alongside the countless nightclubs in Paceville – a party district with rowdy nightlife to rival Magaluf.’

‘Just a few hundred metres from the strip, where twenty-somethings party hard into the early hours, is a booze and cigarette shop that sells pre-rolled joints.’ 

‘Malta, a former favourite of families and the elderly, has emerged in recent years as the Med’s new Party Central.’

‘Young Brits are flocking here on the three-hour flights from London to take advantage of some of the lowest prices in Europe and drinking games organised by party groups.’ 


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