Judges in tears as Brillanti Dancers take them on emotional rollercoaster

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This week’s episode of Brillanti Dance proved to be a tear-jerker after the Social Media challenge resulted in four bottom acts having to go against each other in the dance off. 

Prior to the water works, the dancers all showed a snippet of an already filmed routine which they then recreated live for the judges. 

Some dancers were in their element, having become accustomed to having a social media presence over the years. Others had to adapt to the challenge and bring their style to worlds of Instagram and TikTok.

After much deliberation, the judging panel, comprised of Joseph, Brenda, Patrick, Attila and local singer Gaia Cauchi, picked the bottom four. 


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The four acts, comprised of Federica Nicastro, Julia Vella Rosso, Rosario Ranieri and duo Mishelle and Juliana, gave it their all. The performances struck a nerve with both Patrick and Attila who had to get up and hug the dancers after their delivery. 

But, unlike last week, eliminations had to take place, and this time it was Rosario and Julia’s turns to pack and go home. The dancers’ numbers are dwindling as the last semifinal is just around the corner. 

Find out who makes it to the finale of Brillanti Dance next week on ONE at 2030hrs! You can also rewatch last night’s episode here.



PN MP issues letter addressing Taċ-Ċawla development

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PN MP issues letter addressing Taċ-Ċawla development

Nationalist Party MP Alex Borg issued a letter to the Prime Minister, calling for the support of Taċ-Ċawla residents in Rabat Gozo after they petitioned to halt the planned development of a residential block. 

Posting the sent letter to social media, Borg explained how out of 273 residents reached from the zone, 181 signed a petition calling for this block to be put on the back burner. 

The residents, Borg said, want two simple things…

First, that the building of another residential block in the only open space in this zone be halted. ‘The residents want this area made more beautiful. I understand that this is to be accommodated by the politics of a government which can offer open spaces. That the zone is built goes against this politics.’ 

Second, that the accessibility in the existing blocks be improved through the installation of lifts which have been promised repeatedly by the government. 

He cited how according to legal notice 198 from 2019, every residential block needs to be made accessible. 

‘None of us is against social accommodation but the context of this zone requires that the remaining open space be safeguarded’ wrote Borg. 


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Queen Elizabeth funeral & mourning cost UK government £162 million

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Queen Elizabeth funeral & mourning cost UK government £162 million

The Treasury has revealed that Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and events during the 10 days of mourning have cost the UK government around £162 million. 

With the state funeral on the 19th of September, 2022, being held 11 days after the monarch’s death, the Home Office and Department of Culture, Media and Sport spent £74 million and £57 million respectively. 

Thousands of people visited Westminster Abbey where the Queen was laid in state. 

Chief secretary to the Treasury, John Glen, said that the government’s priority at that time was making sure that the events ran smoothly and with a level of dignity, whilst ensuring the safety of the public. 

A revelation of the costs shows the following costs: 

  • Department for Culture, Media & Sport – £57.42m
  • Department for Transport – £2.565m
  • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office – £2.096m
  • Home Office – £73.68m
  • Ministry of Defence – £2.890m
  • Northern Ireland Office – £2.134m
  • Scottish Government – £18.756m
  • Welsh Government – £2.202m

Thousands of people lined up, including David Beckham, to pay their respects, with world leaders also flying from all over the world after the announcement of the longest serving monarch in history’s death was announced. 


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Godfried Narh Okunor wins best bus driver for 4th consecutive quarter

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Godfried Narh Okunor wins best bus driver for 4th consecutive quarter

The Malta Public Transport ‘Tallinja’ ‘Efficient Driving Awards were held this week to reward the drivers for their work during the 1st Quarter of 2023. 

Once again, bus driver Godfried Narh Okunor managed to place 1st for the fourth consecutive quarter – a remarkable feat considering that Tallinja employs around 900 bus drivers. 

Narh Okuyor was awarded in the presence of Malta Public Transport officials and colleagues, along with his co-workers who were also rewarded for their continuous service all over the islands. 

Godfried has managed to rank first for three consecutive terms, with trips assessed in real time through driver assistive technology. 

Tallinja congratulated all the bus drivers for ‘going that extra mile to deliver a cleaner, safer and more comfortable service to bus passengers. Well done to everyone!’. 


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