Jon Mallia sounds off on state Malta & ‘wasted potential’

 - Local - Jun 11
Jon Mallia sounds off on state Malta & 'wasted potential'

Local writer, presenter and host Jon Mallia took to Facebook on Thursday to express his concern with the current state of Malta at the moment as well as the population’s frame of mind.

Mallia started his rant with the phrase ‘Gibtu kull m’hawn frak’, lamenting that Malta’s planning framework and passive attitude towards the increasing overdevelopment is damaging the country and its population.

Gibtu kull m’hawn frak.Pembroke, Balluta, Hattard, il-grada ta’ Sandro, is-Sikka l-Bajda …sa fuckin Kemmuna bqajtu…

Posted by Jon Mallia on Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Mallia also alluded to the late Miriam Pace, Panama, Electrogas and the multiple other tragedies that the population had to endure, concluding with a somber note that he is disappointed in the Maltese, for they are ‘wasted potential’ in the lack of effort made in the face of such issues.


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