John Cena ‘Got Into A Few Fights’ Defending Older Gay Brother

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In a recent podcast, wrestler turned actor John Cena revealed that growing up he ‘got into a few fights’ defending his older brother who used to be bullied because of his sexuality.

The star spoke about how his elder brother, Stephen, had faced homophobic bullying at high school and because of that, he had often stood up for his elder brother, causing him to ‘lose a few fights’ at school.

He called his brother “an introvert” and  a “true nerd” even telling the interviewer “Being gay in the 1980s in a small town in Massachusetts… Man, that’s an uphill climb.

“He just had a lot of character traits that weren’t in the ‘cool kid’ growl, and he’s also holding this secret that he can’t tell or talk to anybody about.”

The wrestler added: “I really feel for what it must have been like for him growing up, but I also inherited that chapter of his social constructs.”

He also said that kids also picked on him too, adding: “I got made fun of for the way I dressed, the music I listened to, the people I associated with, my older brother.”

Cena has consistently used his large platform to support the LGBTQ+ and other minority groups across America and the World.


Puttinu Cares Bid Farewell To Little Angel Zack

Puttinu Cares Bid Farewell To Little Angel Zack
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Puttinu Cares, a dedicated cancer and family support organisation, recently shared a sombre farewell to young Zack Spiteri, whom they affectionately called their ‘little angel’.

On Friday, alongside a touching photo of Zack, Puttinu Cares expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported Zack’s family through their challenging journey.

The organisation also acknowledged the generous contributions made towards a donation of €3,120, which will assist them in continuing their vital support for families affected by cancer.

The heartfelt  post concluded with a request: “We pray that you keep Zack’s family in your prayers”.

Anyone wishing to donate or contribute to Puttinu can get in touch by calling 9967 2970, messaing [email protected] or visiting puttinucares.org

RIP Zack.


Local Athlete Reveals Importance Of Sport For Mental Health

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The Prime Minister, Robert Abela, led consultation meetings with hundreds of individuals involved in the sports and festival sectors. One of these individual was local Special Olympics athlete Gilmour Borg.

Dubbed ‘townhall events’ at the heart of communities, the Prime Minister explained that the aim of these activities is to ensure everyone participates in community decision-making.

Gilmour Borg  revealed the importance that sport has not only on one’s physical health but also mental health revealing that sport acted as a sort of medicine and sometime even better then medicine in his own mental health struggles that left him contemplating suicide.

During the event the Prime Minister presented new ideas and proposals to change the mindset so that sports become more integrated into the lives of Maltese and Gozitans. Simultaneously, addressing the challenge of obesity remains a significant priority.


More Women Working In The Construction Sector

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The focus at a recent conference organized by the Malta Chamber of Construction Management was the opportunities and challenges facing women in the construction sector.

While stating that the involvement of women in the construction sector has increased, Minister for Justice and Reform in the Construction Sector, Jonathan Attard, mentioned that there is still room for further growth.

During the conference, various challenges for women working in a sector traditionally dominated by men were discussed. Female speakers, including architects and project managers, highlighted issues such as working alongside male counterparts, often from different religious backgrounds, who may view them through different lenses.

The need for recognition of women’s capabilities in their work, despite being in a field predominantly male-dominated, was also emphasized.

President of the Malta Chamber of Construction Manager stated that women can play a large role in the sector beyond just manual labor even contributing to project planning and design.

Minister for Justice and Reform in the Construction Sector, Jonathan Attard also revealed that the percentage of women working increased from 47% to 80% from 2013 to 2023.