Joe Biden on the verge of taking the presidency

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Joe Biden is on the verge of taking office after moving forward in Pennsylvania as Georgia declares a recount. 

Hundreds of thousands of votes are yet to be counted, many in crucial battle-ground states. The slim margin in Georgia has forced the state into recounting. In addition, AP called Arizona 11 votes for Biden, while other news media deem the race still too close to calling.


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59-year-old is Malta’s 74th victim of COVID-19

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The Health Authorities have reported that a 59-year-old man is the 74th victim of COVID-19 in Malta.

The man tested positive for the virus on the 27th of October and died at Mater Dei hospital of Thursday night. 

The ministry gave its condolences to the families of the recently-passed while appealing to the public to follow all restrictions and preventive measures in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.



Joe Biden takes lead in Pennsylvania; on the verge of winning

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Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has taken the lead in Pennsylvania, putting the presidential hopeful on the cusp of winning the election.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes will secure the 270 electoral votes needed to beat Trump to the White House.

The latest number of tabulated votes puts Biden in the lead with 5,587 votes more than trump with Biden at 253 electoral votes and President Trump at 213, according to CNN.


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Apple is adding 117 new emojis to iOS 14.2

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Following Apple’s release of the iPhone and iOS 14.2, the company will introduce 117 additional emojis to your keyboard. 

The list celebrates inclusion and representation and includes women and men in suits and wedding veils, the transgender flag, bubble tea, roller skates and a boomerang, amongst others.

Professor Gauci also stated that families are the most common cluster, closely followed by workplace clusters, appealing to employers to promote teleworking. 


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