Jesuit priest dies of COVID-19, becoming 66th virus victim

Nov 4 2020 Share

Fr Robbie Wirth, the third Jesuit priest, died of COVID-19 and became the 66th person to die from the virus. He was 86 years old.

“It is with extremely heavy hearts that we announce the passing just a short while ago of yet another of our dear Jesuit companions, Fr Robbie Wirth Sj. Fr Robbie’s funeral will be celebrated at the Naxxar parish church at 10.15am tomorrow Thursday 5th November. Rest in peace dear Fr Robbie.”


Joe Biden hopeful as trends shift in his favour

Nov 4 2020 Share

As the United States presidential election slowly edges closer to its result, trends seem to be shifting in Joe Biden’s favour in the popular vote.

The presidential hopeful currently stands at 224 electoral votes against Donald Trump’s 213 in an election which is ‘too close to call.’

With close to a million votes still to be counted, Biden is reported to be giving a public address later in the day.


Graduation ceremonies will not be held in November

Nov 4 2020 Share

In an e-mail sent to would-be graduates by the University of Malta’s Rector, Prof. Alfred J. Vella, information was disclosed that graduation ceremonies will not be Held in November due to COVID-19 measures currently in place.

In the e-mail, Professor Vella states that all graduates will be considered graduated by the end of November, with the scrolls also issued to the 20th of November. 

The letter addressed to graduands from University Rector Professor Alfred J. Vella

Graduates will be instructed as to when and where to pick up their scroll and Diploma Supplement in due time. 

The rector concluded his statement by giving a few words of courage and appeals for health and safety to all students and their families.

Asylum seekers to take Maltese government to court over alleged breach of human rights

Nov 4 2020 Share

52 asylum seekers previously boarding fishing vessel ‘Dar al Salaam’ are taking the Maltese Government to court after being pushed back to Libya.

In a case funded by Repubblika and filed by Paul Borg Olivier and Evelyn Borg Costanzi, the 52 individuals are not only seeking damages but also processed asylum applications.

Their claim is that they were pushed back to Libya back in April after approaching Maltese shores on an overloaded fishing vessel.