Jason Micallef Proposes Mahoney’s Tema 79 As New National Anthem

Jason Micallef Proposes Mahoney’s Team 79 As New National Anthem
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Jason Micallef, the chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency, is proposing a new national anthem for Malta to replace the current one written by Dun Karm Psaila. On Facebook, Micallef shared that while attending writer Ray Mahoney’s funeral, he was moved by the song “Tema 79,” which was created for the rock opera Gensna. He believes that “Tema 79,” with lyrics by Ray Mahoney and music by Paul Abela, should be Malta’s new national anthem due to its profound emotional impact and strong sense of national sentiment that transcends any occasion.

Micallef expressed utmost respect for the existing national anthem by Dun Karm Psaila, but he ardently advocates for “Tema 79” to be given this prestigious honor. He is convinced that the song possesses all the necessary elements to represent the country as its anthem.

However, his proposal is not without controversy, as the rock opera Gensna has been closely associated with the Labour Party, which might cause divided opinions on the matter. Sung by Mary Spiteri, “Tema 79” has resonated deeply with people from various backgrounds, making it a strong contender for the new national anthem.

The current Maltese national anthem dates back to 1922 and was officially adopted when Malta gained independence in 1964.


Remember Flip Phones? They’re Back!

Remember Flip Phones? They’re Back!
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With an innovative form factor enhanced by new Flex Hinge for a balanced design, and pro-grade camera capabilities with unique FlexCam, Galaxy Z series delivers unrivaled foldable experiences

Samsung Electronics has released its fifth generation of Galaxy foldables: Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5. The industry-leading form factors offer unique experiences for every user with sleek and compact designs, countless customization options and powerful performance. These unrivalled foldable devices unlock extraordinary camera capabilities such as FlexCam to take photos from creative angles. With strong performance and an optimized battery powered by the latest processor, the Samsung Galaxy Z series transforms what is possible with a smartphone — open or closed.

Galaxy Z Flip5: The Ultimate Pocketable Self-Expression Tool Without Compromise

The Galaxy Z Flip5 delivers a stylish, unique foldable experience from a pocket-sized device built for self-expression.

Closed, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers more usability than ever before. From the Flex Window, which is now 3.7 times larger than the previous generation,  quickly and effortlessly access useful information. With Widgets, users can check the weather, control music playback and listen to their favorite music.

Without ever opening the device, browse through call history and reply to texts on-the-go using Quick Reply with a full QWERTY keyboard and visibility of chat history. With a quick swipe up on the screen, you can access Samsung wallet.

With its unparalleled design and form factor, Galaxy Z Flip5 also offers the most versatile camera experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Take high-quality selfies with the rear camera thanks to the larger Flex Window. Users can capture stunning hands-free photos from creative angles with FlexCam. It’s quick and simple to view and edit shots in Flex Mode10 too. Users can review, adjust the color tone, or delete images easily with the Quick View in the Flex Window. When taking a photo of a friend, Dual Preview11 lets them see themselves in the Flex Window so they can make adjustments in real time for the perfect shot. Users can get a smooth shot on the go with camera-stabilizing Super Steady, while Auto Framing ensures that no one is left out.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 adds AI solution improvements to the powerful camera experience, bringing every photo to life. Get creative, even in low light, with improved Nightography capabilities that optimize photos and videos in ambient lighting conditions. The AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm corrects any visual noise that typically spoils low-light images while enhancing details and color tone. Even from a distance, photos are clearer with the digital 10X zoom.


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Galaxy Z Fold5: The Ultimate Productivity Powerhouse With a Large Screen

The Galaxy Z Fold has been a pioneer in transforming everyday productivity through a robust, big screen experience. S Pen Fold Edition, has also been fine-tuned to deliver a superior writing experience on Galaxy Z Fold5.

The improved Taskbar enables dynamic productivity by allowing users to quickly switch between frequently used apps. Now up to four recent apps are at the ready for more efficient working. Newly enhanced two-handed drag and drop20 can also ramp up productivity when moving content between apps and screens.

Helping users do more on the go, the 7.6-inch Main Screen27 provides expansive and uninterrupted viewing so users can enjoy their favorite movie in portrait or landscape. Plus, peak brightness has increased by more than 30% for an optimal viewing experience outdoors even under bright sunlight.

Providing users with an immersive gaming experience on the largest Galaxy smartphone screen, the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy29 enhances graphics and uses AI to enable dynamic gaming and multi-game functionality.

Delivering a Positive Impact for the Planet

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5 feature a wider variety of recycled materials than their previous generations, including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastics, sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles. Even the paper used for their packaging box32 is made using 100 percent recycled material.

Pre-order by 10 August 2023

Get up to €360 discount on Galaxy Z Fold5 and up to €250 discount on Galaxy Z Flip 5.

And when you trade in your old phone, you will receive up to €700 trade-in value of your old device.

Pre-order yours by 10 August 2023 from Soundmachine and authorised resellers.


Over 58KG Of Cannabis & Cocaine Intercepted In Malta From Sicily

Over 58KG Of Cannabis & Cocaine Intercepted In Malta From Sicily
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Over the past two days, two individuals were arrested by the Malta Police Force over the importation of drugs, suspected to be cannabis, from Sicily. 

The first man, a 32-year-old, was arrested 2 days ago and charged in court in relation to the importation of 51kg of cannabis. The man was stopped upon his arrival in Malta from Sicily, where a large amount of packets were found hidden in the cabin of his truck. He pleaded not guilty. 

The second, a 37-year-old, was apprehended by the police with the assistance of the Customs Department. He was caught in possession of around 7KGs of substance suspected to be cocaine with a street value of more than €400,000. Another 100 grams of substance suspected to be cannabis resin were also retrieved. 

The second man was also stopped upon his arrival in Malta from Sicily where several packets were found hidden in the axle of the rear wheels of the van he was driving. 

Investigations are ongoing for both cases.


2,000 Y-Plate Contraventions In First Half Of 2023

2,000 Y-Plate Contraventions In First Half Of 2023
Jul 30 2023 Share

Transport Malta has announced the issuance of nearly 17,000 contraventions in the initial half of the year as part of their unwavering commitment to road safety. 

Between January and June 2023, Transport Malta’s Enforcement Officers issued a total of 16,598 contraventions. This includes specific figures for e-scooters (587), Y plate cabs (2,069), and overall traffic violations (13,556). In addition, the Authority imposed administrative fees on Y plate cabs amounting to 3,042, displaying their commitment to safety in public transportation.

Transport Malta further demonstrated its proactive approach to road safety by impounding unroadworthy vehicles and those involved in severe traffic infringements. During this period, 318 escooters and 280 vehicles were impounded.

Additionally, the Authority provided a towing service during the school year for vehicles obstructing arterial roads, which was utilized by 4,944 individuals in the first half of the year.

These contraventions, along with vehicle impoundments, serve as a testament to the Authority’s dedication to fostering safer roads for all users, as stated in an official release.

Jonathan Borg, the CEO of Transport Malta, praised the relentless efforts of their Enforcement Officers in upholding road safety. He emphasized that the Authority takes immense pride in ensuring compliance and reducing traffic violations, despite the significant challenges faced in the sector.