Japan fans clean up rubbish in World Cup stadium after matches

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Japan fans clean up rubbish in World Cup stadium after matches

Japan football supporters have received the admiration of football fans worldwide after they were filmed and photographed staying behind to clean up the rubbish at the World Cup stadium.

Japan haven’t played yet as they kick off their campaign this Sunday when they play against Costa Rica. 

However, this did not stop the Japanese football supporters to attend the opening tournament between Qatar an Ecuador on Sunday. 

Following a spectacular 2-0 win for Ecuador, the Japanese spectators decided to stick around to ensure that the football stands had been cleared of litter. This caught the attention of influencer Omar Farooq. 


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He went on to capture footage showing the fans donning Japanese football shirts, flags and costumes whilst filling up rubbish bags left behind by other supporters. 

Omar said: “Someone convince me that this is normal. The Japanese fans decided to clean the stadium. It’s not even their match!

The Japanese told Farooq that the Japanese never leave rubbish behind us because they respect the place. This is not the first place this has happened, when in 2018, they did the same at the Rostov Arena. 



Ministers & MPs address domestic violence in Malta following Paola murder

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Ministers & MPs address domestic violence in Malta following Paola murder

Nationalist Party MP Darren Carabott took to social media to highlight the inefficiency of dealing with domestic abuse cases given the sudden murder of Bernice Cassar. 

Carabott, impacted with the terrifying case of the shooting which took the life of a 40-year-old mother, wished to reflect about the inefficiency of dealing with domestic abuse cases in the court of law. 

‘A week ago I witnessed a court sitting pertaining to domestic abuse wherein the next sitting was scheduled for the 15th of May of 2024. What does this mean?’

He said this implies two options: that either a victim will be left to fear for their life for two whole years or that an innocent person is being wrongly accused and has to also wait for two years to clear their name. 

‘These cases are also traumatic for the children and grandparents/relatives involved’.

Carabott highlighted another related problem – that, in a growing population, Malta has 2,152 police officers. ‘This number remained stationary for the past 8 years’ and this is contributing to the fact that domestic abuse will be given lesser priority as resources are stretched thin due to other crimes. 

‘Just because you use the words ‘domestic violence’, this problem will not be solved. Show us with facts that you want to solve it.’

He went on to give his condolences to Bernice’s loved ones and excused society for not being able to help her when she needed most. 

Paola murder victim had court-issued protection order, Minister reveals

Earlier today, Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri revealed that an inquiry will look into whether any state entities failed 40-year-old murder victim Bernice Cassar, who was a victim of alleged domestic violence.


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Cassar was shot dead near the Corradino industrial estate in Paola on Tuesday morning. The Malta Police Force has since initiated a delicate operation to arrest the lead subject.

In a public address, Minister Camilleri stated that the police had investigated reports of alleged domestic violence against the victim, eventually pressing charges against the lead victim.

Despite the report being filed in May, the criminal case will be heard in November 2023. Following discussions with Justice Minister Jonathan Attard, the the two ministers decided to appoint Geoffrey Valencia, a retired judge, to analyse the case and any possible shortcomings.


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Kanye West is running for US President in 2024

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Kanye West is running for US President in 2024

American rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has officially declared his 2024 Presidential bid. 

The announcement was made over the weekend through a ‘Consequence of Sound’ interview, just days after former US president Donald Trump confirmed he will be running once again. 

“Yes… it’s simple… it’s just we are moving toward the future” West told the platform, disclosing that British alt-right political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos will be handling his campaign. 

Yiannopoulos recently worked as an intern for Republican congressman Majorie Taylor Green. Despite Ye making the news of his candidacy public, he did not announce this on his socials. 

Back in 2020, the rapper ran for America’s highest political office, but garnered only 60,000 votes out of an estimated total of 160 million. Despite this as well as his recent anti-semitism Twitter scandal, Ye still believes he can garner votes this upcoming election. 

He also went on to show off a series of presidential bid-related merchandise, including items of clothing from brands which dropped him since the anti-semitism scandal, with YE24 written on them. 


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The Heartwarming Moment as a Rehabilitated Turtle is released at Ġnejna Bay

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The Heartwarming Moment as a Rehabilitated Turtle is released at Ġnejna Bay

A young female loggerhead turtle was released back into the sea at Ġnejna Bay earlier today. The turtle made a full recovery after undergoing months of rehabilitation and receiving care from Nature Trust’s, Wildlife Rescue Team volunteers.

This was made possible thanks to assistance from Lottoland, which are providing a full-time employee, and ERA through an agreement in which they contribute financial and regulatory support in relation to veterinary care and medication for the upkeep of protected species.

Nature Trust president Vincent Attard, explained how the turtle named Lottoland, was retrieved at sea back in August under the Ħaġar Qim area. The injured turtle was found in a critical state and severely undernourished, due to the ingestion of a fishing hook and line.

The rescue operation involved a team effort between various entities, including the Environment and Resource Authority (ERA) and the Civil protection department from an area which could only be accessed by boat, after being spotted in distress by the public.

The turtle was released from the beachfront by Ira Losco on behalf of Lottoland Malta, who recently renewed their long-term partnership with the Wildlife Rescue Team at the event.

In a move to emphasise the importance of protecting Malta’s unique ecosystems and support ongoing conservation efforts, Lottoland also presented a €10,000 donation. This will go towards covering the salary costs of their first full-time employee, Annalise Pistis.

Ms. Pistis will be responsible for administering medication, record keeping and caring for injured animals, at the new Rehab Centre in the Xrobb l-Għaġin Nature Park, which will open to the public next year and also feature a 9-meter tank to house injured dolphins.

Lottoland has been integral to the ongoing success of the Wildlife Rescue Team and other local NGOs. Its commitment to give back to all the communities it operates in, was recently recognised at the first edition of the Malta Business Awards held in October.

The company was the biggest winner on the night, taking home a total of three trophies, which included first place in the Exceptional Wellbeing at the Workplace and Carbon Neutral Commitment categories, as well as runner up for Best CSR Initiative.

‘’One of our main objectives is to rescue and rehabilitate as many injured turtles as possible. We currently have 12 turtles receiving treatment, 9 of which have been rescued in Maltese waters this year alone. Sea turtles often suffer devastating injuries from entanglement in or ingestion of marine debris, swallowing fishing hooks and ghost gear’’ said Attard.

‘’Our ultimate goal is to rehabilitate and release our patients as quickly as possible. However, we have strict release criteria before we make the decision to send a patient

home. They must be able to dive and rest at the bottom of the tank with ease; they must be off of all medication; and they must be free of infection, disease or injury’’ he added.

Ingestion of plastic and fishing tackle is sadly very common during all life stages of sea turtles. Sometimes this plastic will pass through without causing an issue. Other times it can cause significant blockages and even full obstructions which can result in intestinal perforation, sepsis and ultimately death.

Plastic ingestion is so common that the Wildlife Rescue team often find plastic being passed by recovering and healthy patients, even if they were admitted for something completely unrelated, and even when many months have passed since they have been in the wild.

Anyone who finds a sick or injured sea turtle can reach out to the Wildlife Rescue Team on 9999 9505. The hotline has been a great success and enabled trained specialists to respond and treat sea turtles quickly and effectively. The team offers guidance through the correct process until members are able to get to the turtle and transport it to their facilities.

Lottoland is operated by European Lotto and Betting Limited and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, license number MGA/B2C/609/2018. Players must be 18 or over. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For help visit rgf.org.mt.


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