January 17th restaurant measures remain in place as Fearne reveals exemptions

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January 17th restaurant measures remain in place as Fearne reveals exemptions

Addressing a press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne unveiled several exceptions to be given for those who for some reason could not receive their booster shot as the January 17th measures draw closer. 

With next Monday requiring a valid certificate, the Health minister revealed that an exemption will be made for employees in terms of whether or not they make direct contact with clients. 

Employees who do not interact directly with clients will not need to present a vaccine certificate whereas those who do make direct contact with clients, workers must present a valid vaccine certificates. He still urged employees who do not work directly with clients to still get vaccinated. 

Kids under 18 will not need to present the COVID certificate with a booster shot, with kids younger than 11 not needing any certification whatsoever. As for establishments to certify whether someone has a valid certificate, owners can use the new CoVPass app to certify this. 

Travel exceptions were also included, with residents of Malta wishing to come back to the island being given an extension period to the 1st of February. This, given, that they apply to receive their booster shot. 

There will also be a notable six week exception for all those who were quarantined and thus could not receive the booster shot. 

Fearne did clarify that Malta has no intent on making vaccination mandatory unlike other countries and even hinted at even removing such measures if the epidemiological situation improves. 


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