Janice Chetcuti gives up casual election to make way for other PN candidates

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Janice Chetcuti gives up casual election to make way for other PN candidates

Nationalist Party candidate Janice Chetcuti has decided to drop out of the casual election race on the third district so as to allow other contestants a chance at a seat in parliament. 

Chetcuti explained in a Facebook post that she would still make it into parliament through the gender quota and will therefore allow the seat vacated by Stephen Spiteri to be filled up by one of three remaining candidates. These are John Baptist Camilleri, Errol Cutajar or Carm Mifsud Bonnici. The PN has three MPs from the third district. 

She explained how ‘out of loyalty to the Nationalist party and to all the constituents that form part of the third district, and after much thought I have decided not to contest the casual elections to maximise the use of votes in the third district as a party, thus electing three representatives.’ 

Chetcuti ranks at the top of the PN’s list of female candidates after getting the largest percentage of the quota. She will therefore be one of the six women to make it to parliament through the new gender parity mechanism. She managed to get 2,687 votes, which is around 75% of the quota.

At the last count, Baptist Camilleri had 1,634 votes, Cutajar had 476 votes and Mifsud Bonnici had 1,122 votes. 


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Boris Johnson says transgender women should not compete in women’s sport

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Boris Johnson says transgender women should not compete in women’s sport

The UK Prime Minister has sparked some outrage after he said that he does not believe transgender women should be able to compete in female sporting events. 

He conceded that he knew many deemed this view controversial, with the resurfacing of the issue taking new charge after the case of transgender cyclist Emily Bridges. 

Bridges was recently ruled as ineligible to compete in her first elite women’s race by cycling’s world world governing body. Speaking on several sex and gender related topics, Johnson made the following remark; 

‘I don’t think biological males should be competing in female sporting events. Maybe that’s a controversial thing to say, but it just seems to me to be sensible.’

He went on to say that he thinks women should have spaces which are dedicated to them – whether they be hospitals, prisons or changing rooms. ‘That’s as far my thinking has developed on this issue.’

He went on to say that if this position puts him in conflict with some others, then ‘we have got to work it all out.’ Johnson emphasised that this does not mean that he is not sympathetic to people who want to change gender and said it is vital people are given maximum love and support through such decisions. 

In response, LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall said that ‘Trans people deserve the same opportunities as everyone else to enjoy the benefits of sport and blanket exclusions on trans people participating are fundamentally unfair.’

‘Sport has the unique power to bring us together and it’s important trans people have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of sport without facing exclusion or abuse’ it concluded. 


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Wagyu is expanding its flavours to Mellieha next week

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Wagyu is expanding its flavours to Mellieha next week

Wagyu is a well-known eating hub, bringing us Asian Fusion right at the heart of Valletta. Now, the brand will be expanding to Mellieha, to make sure we have more of their delicious grub!

Wagyu will be opening its new establishment in Mellieha next Monday as they finish up the remaining details to continue serving the fan favourite dishes. 

Wagyu offers a private dining area for 12 people, all with an exclusive candle-lit dining. It’s already established hub in Valletta overlooks the capital city’s well-known architecture and social life. 

And don’t get us started on the food – Wagyu Burgers as well as Ramen, Sushi and of course the rounding up of taste buds with fresh cocktails. 

The options are vast and open to serve everyone, no matter what dietary preferences they may have. Wagyu will undoubtedly be launching off its success to welcome more guests to their tables for delectable dining. 

So save the date – Monday 11th April 2022 – to book your spot in recently opened Wagyu Mellieha. We sure can’t wait to dig in into some passionately served meals. 


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Pope Francis kisses Ukrainian flag from massacred city Bucha

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Pope Francis kisses Ukrainian flag from massacred city Bucha

Condemning the massacre of Ukrainian city Bucha, Pope Francis kissed the flag of the country sent from the town which saw some of the worst war crimes during the entire Russian invasion of its neighbour.

The atrocities saw victims shot at close range, littering bodies all over the streets of Bucha after Russian troops withdrew. 

The deaths in the city, which is outside the capital city of Kyiv, triggered global outcries and pledges for more sanctions against Russia from the West. Pope Francis commented on the recent news, expressing his disapproval and horror.

‘Stop the war’ he said as he addressed his weekly audience in the Vatican’s auditorium. ‘Let the weapons fall silent. Stop sowing death and destruction.’ The Kremlin had however denied the allegations thrown at it in regards to the atrocities. 

Handling the stained flag, Pope Francis kissed it and held it up to an audience of several thousand as they erupted into applause. He then asked a group of child war refugees who arrived on Tuesday to come up to him.

‘These children had to flee in order to arrive in a safe land. This is the fruit of the war. Let’s not forget them and let’s not forget the Ukrainian people’ he said. This comes right after the Pope met migrants and refugees during this two day visit to Malta. 

There, he had also revealed he was considering a trip to Kyiv and went on to indirectly criticise Vladimir Putin by saying that a potentate was tormenting conflict for nationalist interests. 


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