James Webb Telescope Celebrates Birthday With New Images

James Webb Telescope
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Well, sort of. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has completed its first year of science operations, delivering unprecedented views of the cosmos from our solar system to distant galaxies. 

To mark this milestone, NASA has released an image captured by Webb of a small star-forming region in the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex. 

This image showcases the telescope’s ability to peer through dust clouds and capture light from far reaches of the universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope has revolutionized our understanding of the universe in just one year. With each new image, scientists are empowered to ask and answer questions that were once unimaginable. 


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The telescope is a testament to American innovation and international collaboration, with thousands of dedicated individuals contributing to its success.

The featured image provides an intricate close-up of a star-forming region located 390 light-years away, allowing for detailed observations without any obstructing foreground stars. 

The image reveals approximately 50 young stars, some similar in mass to the Sun or smaller. The darkest regions represent dense dust cocoons where protostars are still forming. The image also showcases large bipolar jets of molecular hydrogen, symbolized in red, which occur when a star bursts through its cosmic dust envelope.

Webb’s image of Rho Ophiuchi sheds light on a brief phase in the life cycle of stars, giving scientists a clearer understanding of the beginnings of stellar stories. Some stars in the image exhibit shadows indicating the presence of protoplanetary disks, offering a glimpse into the potential formation of future planetary systems.

The James Webb Space Telescope’s accomplishments in its inaugural year have laid the foundation for groundbreaking scientific discoveries and the search for habitable worlds, solidifying NASA’s role as a leader in the exploration of the universe.


Isabelle Breaks Down Following Vote Against Public Inquiry

Isabelle Breaks Down Following Vote Against Public Inquiry
Jul 13 2023 Share

A heart-breaking image was shared on social media by PN MP Paula Mifsud Bonnici yesterday evening after the government voted against the opening of a public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia.

His mother Isabelle Bonnici, who has been campaigning alongside friends, loved ones and other activists, can be seen being offered support by the PN MP outside the parliament.

The grieving mother had been inside the parliament along with other supporters of the cause, which led to a heated confrontation between them and the government MPs after 40 votes were cast against the public inquiry’s opening. 

Writing in the photo’s caption, the PN MP asked how it is possible to console a mother whose hopes of justice for her late son were crushed. ‘Be ashamed, if you know how.’

The vote led to an almost unanimous disapproval by the Maltese, who took to social media to express their anger at the decision taken. In her statement after the vote, Isabelle also stated that she will not stop fighting for justice despite her disappointment at the decision.


Alex Borg Congratulates Brother For Silver Medal Win In Guernsey

Alex Borg Congratulates Brother For Silver Medal Win In Guernsey
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Nationalist MP Alex Borg took to social media to congratulate his younger brother David for bagging the Silver Medal in the Athletics 5000m category in Guernsey.

David was part of the Gozo contingent competing in the International Island Games in Guernsey, and became the third to add to the medals won by the Gozitans. 

The PN MP congratulated his younger brother, expressing his pride and telling him that he is always a winner in his eyes, making all of Gozo proud. 

Gozitan Minister Clint Camilleri also congratulated Borg, posting to social media: ‘proud moment alert! His dedication and hard work have paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder!’


Isabelle Bonnici’s Official Statement After Parliament Vote

Isabelle Bonnici's Official Statement After Parliament Vote
Jul 13 2023 Share

Jean Paul Sofia’s mother Isabelle Bonnici took to social media to release her official statement following parliament’s vote on opening a public inquiry into the death of her son. 

The government voted against the opening of a public inquiry, with 40 votes against and 32 in favour with no abstentions.

Isabelle said she is firmly disappointed in the decision by certain members of parliament whilst still vowing to continue her fight for justice for her late son Jean Paul. 

The vote led to both social media backlash as well as to a passionate confrontation between Jean Paul Sofia’s loved ones and the government in parliament. 

The high levels of anger and frustration within society highlight the dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the situation, as the public demands a thorough investigation into the tragic incident in order to avoid more workplace fatalities within the construction industry.