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Jake Vella’s Paw Walk Returns This December

Jake Vella's Paw Walk Returns This December
Nov 23 2023 Share

Local sport ambassador JAKE VELLA will be returning with his Paw Walk, in aid of the Association of Abandoned Animals, this December 17th. 

The walk will take place at 10:00am and will kick off from Mater Dei Main Entrance. Anyone wishing to join with or without their four-legged furry friend is asked to donate a minimum donation of €5. 


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Jake encourages people to attend so that they can raise more money than they did last year and help so many animals in need. 

If you cannot attend but still want to donate to AAA, you can do so through these channels: 

Paypal: [email protected]

Send an sms on:

50617350 – €2.33
50618060 – €4.66
50618910 – €6.99
50619200 – €11.66 

BOV Mobile: 79730921


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Longest Known Hangover Lasted For 4 Weeks

Longest Known Hangover Lasted For 4 Weeks
Nov 23 2023 Share

A 37-year-old man endured what is believed to be the lengthiest hangover ever recorded, lasting four weeks, after consuming an astonishing 60 pints of beer. 

This prolonged hangover manifested as an excruciating headache, dry mouth, and malodorous breath. Despite having no prior health issues or head injuries and abstaining from regular medication, the man baffled doctors with his persistent symptoms.

Upon examination, medical professionals found the patient fully alert, and conventional tests like CT scans, blood pressure, and body temperature showed no abnormalities. 

However, a spinal tap revealed elevated pressure around the brain. Blood tests indicated a potential rare autoimmune condition known as lupus anticoagulant syndrome, where antibodies mistakenly attack healthy cells. 

An eye specialist identified bleeding nerve fibres and swollen optics, attributing these symptoms to excessive alcohol consumption.

The man confessed to a continuous beer-drinking spree for several days, triggered by a domestic crisis. Over the following six months, doctors treated him with long-term anticoagulation therapy, ultimately relieving the persistent headache and blurred vision.

 By July 2007, he had fully recovered, imparting a profound lesson on the consequences of prolonged and excessive beer consumption.


“Start Discussions To Ban Cigarette Sales For Youth In Malta”

"Start Discussions To Ban Cigarette Sales For Youth In Malta"
Nov 23 2023 Share

The government is advocating discussions to prohibit the sale of cigarettes to individuals born after a specific date, marking the inception of a potentially smoke-free generation. 

This proposal is outlined in a public consultation document released by the Ministry of Social Policy and Children’s Rights on Monday. 

The suggested measure urges national-level deliberations to ban cigarette sales to individuals born after a collectively determined date, aiming to positively impact the health of forthcoming generations. 

Part of a comprehensive vision to enhance child well-being over the next six years, this proposal is one of 198 measures disclosed in a Children’s Policy Framework document presented at a conference. While lacking specific details, if enacted, this ban would initiate the elimination of tobacco smoking.

Notably, the UK government recently implemented a similar measure, describing it as a groundbreaking law prohibiting cigarette sales to those born on or after January 1, 2009. Positioned as a significant public health intervention, the UK anticipates saving lives and reducing healthcare costs. 

This initiative follows New Zealand’s comparable anti-smoking legislation, aligning with broader goals to achieve a smoke-free status by 2025. However, the smoking prevalence among Maltese citizens remains high, as indicated by a 2021 EU-wide survey, revealing that Maltese smokers exhibit one of the highest daily smoking rates in the bloc. 

Despite these efforts, a local study found that a majority of children in Malta had detectable levels of second-hand smoke, contradicting parental reports of non-exposure at home. Read full document here.


Elderly Struggling To Communicate With Carers, PN Leader Laments

Elderly Struggling To Communicate With Carers, PN Leader Laments
Nov 23 2023 Share

In a speech given to parliament, Opposition leader Bernard Grech lamented about how, in her last few days, his 92 year old mother had to struggle to communicate with her carers. 

Grech said that despite his mother being able to speak English and despite the carers doing their job with love and compassion, his mother could not communicate and this made her last few days a struggle. 

The PN leader said how his mother should not have to resort to communicating with a language that is not her native tongue. Her pains and other risks, he said, were not being understood. 


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He said that these are real experiences of people and that they cannot be hidden away with ‘talk’ and ‘PR’. 

Connecting to the millions lost in the Vitals-Steward scandal, he accused the government of continuing to give money to these entities and ignoring the real experiences of people.

The speech by Grech follows a proposal put forth by PL MP Omar Farrugia, which proposes a quota for low skilled third country national workers. 

Farrugia had, however, noted that exceptions will probably have to be made in critical sectors such as healthcare and caregiving. The quota was directed mainly at sectors where there was an oversupply of workers, with Farrugia suggesting taking inspiration from the UK’s points based immigration system.