ITU COVID-19 admissions decrease by half

 - COVID-19 - Apr 1
ITU COVID-19 admissions decrease by half

The number of ITU admissions due to COVID-19 has decreased by half in a week. Superintendent for Health Charmaine Gauci stated in a COVID-19 bulletin that the numbers decreased from 32 to 15 and that the pressure exerted onto the medical and health system in Malta is currently being eased off.

Another positive outcome is that the vaccine is having its desired effects as the number of people over 80 entering hospital for medical assistance is decreasing. Charmaine Gauci however stated that there is still much more work to be done to mitigate the virus and that the public should observe the measures these upcoming festivities. With less than 100 cases registered daily for about a week, it shows the health measures put in effect are working and that given the right adherence to measures, the situation can improve if everyone is careful.


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