It’s cheese lovers day! Here are 7 places to go if you love cheese…

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The 20th of January marks Cheese Lovers Day 🎉 and we’ve compiled a list of places you can go to get your fix of cheese in Malta! 🇲🇹 Here are 7 local places (in no particular order) that make AMAZING cheese-dishes 🧀 you’re going to love! ❤️️

Black Paw

Black Paw is a relatively new place but although they haven’t been around for long, they’re already making waves 🌊 in the Maltese Food Industry.They make massive hot dogs 🌭 and burgers 🍔 all filled with cheese! You can also get your hands on some cheesy jalapeños, nacho cheese bites AND cheesy fries! 🤤

Far right photo: @marthamicallefattard Instagram


At NomNom you can build your own burger 🍔 and you can choose your favourite toppings. You can choose from a variety of 5 different cheese types: Provolone, Mature Irish Cheddar, American cheese, Creamy Gorgonzola, Brie. 🧀 You can also get some cheesy bites which make the perfect side for any meal. 💯

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut surely needs no introduction! They are a world-renowned pizza chain 🍕 which we all feel like feasting on from time to time.Their Breadsticks are to die for, and if you haven’t tried them, well…are you even living⁉️ And let’s not forget about their amazing Cheezy Crust ! 🤤

BONUS: At Pizza Hut you can also get a Cheezy Deal for just €27 which includes a large Cheesy Crust Pizza and 8 breadsticks! 🤑

Hermanos Burgers

Hermanos Burger is one of the newest and freshest burger joints in Malta.🔥 They offer a huge selection of burgers 🍔 which are big on cheese: Mexican Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Edam Cheese and American Cheese. 🧀

Brass & Knuckle

Brass & Knuckle are mostly known for their wide range of premium meats but they also serve a cheese fondue 🧀 which can be shared between 2-6 people. You can pick from plain cheese, peppercorn cheese or rosemary and garlic. Apart from this amazing dish, you can also feast on their amazing Baked Camembert Cheese! ❤️️

Capo Crudo

Capo Crudo is famous for its mouth-watering fish dishes 🐟 and its amazing location 📍 in Malta’s beloved capital city, Valletta, offering picturesque views.😍 Apart from that, Capo Crudo is also famous for its Spaghetti Carbonara which is finished off in a Parmesan wheel & in-house treated Guanciale. 🤤

Photo: @azzopardinicky Instagram

Cut Steakhouse

Cut Steakhouse is a newly opened place on Bormla’s promenade, boasting stylish interiors ✨ and offers the best cuts of meat.🥩 Cut also offers a selection of exotic meats such as Kangaroo and Wild Boar. 😲

They are also serving an amazing, thick Cheese fondue perfect for any cheese lover! 🧀


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