Italy could introduce Super Green Passes and mandatory masks

 - COVID-19 - Nov 23
Italy could introduce Super Green Passes and mandatory masks

Italy’s government is currently engaging in talks to determine whether to tighten it’s COVID-19 measures as cases spike significantly. Among the measures currently being proposed, an update to the vaccine certificate is being recommended from December. According to reports in Italian media, a Super Green Pass would no longer be obtained through a negative COVID test.

Instead, the pass is being recommended only for those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from the virus. Establishments will thus be only accessible through the use of such a pass. Whether this will allow access to metros or buses remains to be seen. 

A negative test would be enough to allow citizens to go to work and to board a train or plane. The government is also expected to decide whether or not masks should be made publicly mandatory once again. Other talks are also considering making vaccination mandatory in Italy. This follows a move by Austria which very recently took this decision, making the jab mandatory from February 2022. 


Photo Source: Aljazeera, Schengen Visa

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