Italian Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli Dies Aged 83

Italian Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli Dies Aged 83
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Renowned Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, celebrated for his striking animal-print creations adored by celebrities, has passed away at 83 after a period of illness, as confirmed by his company.

Cavalli, who established his eponymous label in the early 1970s, leaves behind six children and his partner Sandra Bergman Nilsson. Sergio Azzolari, CEO of Roberto Cavalli, expressed condolences, emphasizing Cavalli’s enduring legacy as a fount of inspiration.

Cavalli, recognized for his vibrant colors and bold designs, was an exuberant figure, often seen in tinted glasses and with a cigar.


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Apart from fashion, he ventured into real estate and owned the popular “Just Cavalli Cafe” in Milan. Despite differing approaches to fashion, Giorgio Armani acknowledged Cavalli’s artistic flair and transformative use of prints.

Notable for dressing stars like Cindy Crawford, Cavalli’s impact transcends his passing, as reflected in tributes from colleagues like creative director Fausto Puglisi. The Florence-based fashion group, now owned by Auriel Investment SA, will bid farewell to Cavalli in a funeral ceremony scheduled for Monday in Florence.


Rain Showers Expected To Hit After This Weekend

Rain Showers Expected To Hit After This Weekend
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Very hazy and windy weather hit the Maltese islands this weekend, with the weather pattern expected to persist for the entire two days.

Various forecasts are predicting moderate to considerably strong winds, potentially causing some rough seas around the islands.

Still, temperatures will climb as high as 22 degrees Celsius, with lows of around 16 degrees celsius.

Following the weekend, the Meteorological office is forecasting isolated rain showers for Monday and Tuesday, followed by a windy Wednesday.

Not exactly the greatest summer weather. What do you think?


Malta To Host World Health Organisation Meeting This November

Malta To Host World Health Organisation Meeting This November
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Malta has been selected to host a WHO meeting in November with the theme of ‘Health Work Force Planning’. This announcement was made in Cyprus during the ‘Tenth High-level Meeting of the Small Countries Initiative: converging on small-country health priorities’, attended by Minister for Health and Active Ageing Jo Etienne Abela.

The meeting in Cyprus is primarily focused on two key areas: cancer, including population screening programs and pediatric cancer, as well as health and climate change, including the impact and experiences of small countries.

During his remarks, Minister Jo Etienne Abela addressed cancer prevention and treatment, stressing the importance of raising awareness about cancer and encouraging more individuals to undergo cancer screenings for early detection.

The Minister also highlighted Malta’s efforts to combat obesity.

Regarding the future of cancer care, he discussed how our country continues to delve into the connection between genetics and artificial intelligence to facilitate personalized treatment.

Minister Abela also spoke about the challenges faced by small countries in procuring medicines, citing language barriers and geopolitical issues impacting pricing and logistics.

He emphasized Malta’s commitment to increased collaboration and solidarity in this area. The WHO agreed with Minister Abela on this and stressed that acquiring equipment and technology should also be a priority.

On the topic of climate change effects, Minister Abela mentioned Malta’s government entities having a climate change action plan and reaffirmed the government’s dedication to taking necessary steps to combat this global issue.

“I eagerly anticipate November, when our country, in partnership with the WHO, will host a significant meeting with several countries, where the theme of Health Work Force Planning will be discussed,” concluded Minister Abela.


Missing 20-Year Old Girl Found Confirms Police

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After today’s shocking news that 20-year old Francesca Zammit went missing, the police have released an official statement that Francesca has been found safe and alive.

Earlier police confirmed that Zammit before being lost and found was last seen in the Luqa vicinity.

Later in the statement the police thanked those who helped them in their pursuit for Francesca and helped them for any information people provided to them.