Investigations under way after WW2 bomb found in Ta’ Qali

Investigations under way after WW2 bomb found in Ta' Qali
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Net News have reported the discovery of an old bomb in Ta’ Qali.

The World War 2-era bomb was found while works were being held in the Ta’ Qali Crafts village.

The bomb was reportedly found this morning, with operations currently under way by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

More on this story as it develops.


Here’s how ‘wish-cycling’ leads to more problems and how you can stop it

Here’s how ‘wish-cycling’ leads to more problems and how you can stop it
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If you have ever placed a wrong item in your recycling bag in the hope that it can be recycled, then you are guilty of wish-cycling or wishful recycling.

This wishful thinking combined with the guilt of producing more and more waste is sometimes difficult to overcome. That is probably why, around 25% of your recycling bag is made up of non-recyclable materials. Outside of the typical greasy pizza box, WasteServ also finds considerable amounts of organic waste, glass, textiles, electronic waste, medical and sanitary waste, and even DIY materials such as wood scraps, tiles and rubble.

25% of the items in the recycling bag are items that should not have been thrown in this bag

Despite the good intentions, wishful recycling leads to contamination of materials. When non-recyclable materials are mixed with recyclable materials, it makes it more difficult for the workers to manually sort the recyclables. This also downgrades the overall quality of the recyclables decreasing both their value and the options to turn them into new materials.

Next time instead of crossing your fingers, make sure you throw in only clean plastic, metal, paper and cardboard in your recycling bag. Here are some of the things you can recycle to help you get started: soft drink cans, food tins, cardboard, newspapers, leaflets, magazines, cereal boxes, paper bags, all plastic bottles, and plastic packaging.

WasteServ has published a Waste Separation Guide to help everyone become better at waste separation which can be downloaded from their website: wsm.com.mt/guide. In the meantime, here is how you should dispose of the most common incorrect items found in the recycling bag:

Waste Separation Guide

Waste Separation Guide

Organic Waste

All fruit and vegetable peelings, any uneaten food and plate scrapings, bread and pastries, cooked meat including bones, fish, mouldy or expired food without its packaging, non-liquid dairy products, eggs and eggshells, rice, pasta, beans, tea bags and coffee grounds should all go in the white biodegradable organic bags. Non-food items which can also be thrown in this bag include napkins soiled with food and very small garden waste like flowers and leaves but no twigs.

Organic waste is collected every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

organic waste


Glass bottles and glass jars can be taken out for door-to-door collection, taken to a Civic Amenity Site or to the Roadshow Truck. You can also make use of the iBins and Bring-In-Sites that are available around Malta and Gozo.

Make sure you rinse your glass bottles and jars to avoid any contamination and don’t forget to remove any caps and metal lids as these belong in your recycling bag.

wasteserve glass


Clothes, bedsheets, curtains, shoes, and bags that are in good condition can be donated, taken to one of the Roadshow Trucks or placed in the Clothes Banks in your locality.


Electronic Waste

Electric and electronic waste consist of any items that have a plug, use batteries, or require charging. These include home appliances such as fridges, ovens and washing machines, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, radios, CD/DVD players, electronic toys and games, phones, TVs, printers and cameras. Such items can be taken to one of our Civic Amenity Sites. You can also make use of the bulky waste collection service offered free of charge by your respective Local Council.

Appliances that are not bigger than 50cm can be taken to the Roadshow Trucks.

electronic waste

Medical and Sanitary Waste

Any unwanted or expired medicine, bottled medicine, inhalers and medicinal cream tubes can be taken to an authorised pharmacy where special bins are available. The list of pharmacies offering this service can be found on WasteServ’s website. Syringes and EpiPen devices, on the other hand, must be placed in a special sharps disposal containers and taken to one of our Civic Amenity Sites.

Before disposing of any medicines, be sure to remove all medicine packaging, information leaflets, and any plastic caps, cups or spoons. You can dispose of these in your recycling bag. However, tablet and capsule packaging must be disposed in the black bag.

Cosmetics, personal hygiene products, face masks and nappies should also be thrown in the black bag.


medical waste

DIY materials

Building rubble, plasterboard, tiles and wood scraps from your home renovation projects should be taken to a Civic Amenity Site.

diy waste

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Man threatens to kill four police officers ‘if they touch his wife’

Man threatens to kill four police officers 'if they touch his wife'
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A 37-year-old Polish man has been given an 18-month prison sentence suspended for two years and an €800 fine after admitting that he threatened to kill four police officers if they touch his wife.

In the presence of Magistrate Leonard Caruana, Adam Andrzej Kuza plead guilty to insulting and threatening to kill the police officers in question. Police Inspector Roderick Attard explained how, in the night between the 9th and 10th of May, the accused had an argument with his wife after a long night of drinking, with the wife requiring medical attention.

Upon police intervention, it was suggested that she is sent to hospital, triggering the argument between the accused and the officers. Inspector Attard went on to state that he eventually cooperated with the police and admitted he was inebriated.

Kuza apologised for his actions and stated that he is a good citizen and it never was his intention to end up in such a situation.


Zac Efron wishes to return to High School Musical for a reboot

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Beyond the multiple box office hits that Zac Efron has appeared in throughout the years, it was his role as East High’s Troy Bolton in High School Musical that really launched him into stardom, and now he has expressed the desire to return to the role.


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Efron had already appeared in a number of reunion specials, most recently in the series’ 2020 pandemic reunion where the cast reunited to sing “We’re All in This Together”, where he introduced the performance.

The star actor told E! News that he would love to reprise his role as Troy Bolton in some form of reboot. “Seriously, having the opportunity in any form to go back and work with that team would be so amazing. My heart’s still there. That would be incredible. I hope it happens,” Efron stated.