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Introducing Tequila Rose: Your Ultimate Summer Indulgence

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Introducing Tequila Rose: Your Ultimate Summer Indulgence

As the summer sun graces us with its warm embrace, there’s one drink that’s making waves and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories: Tequila Rose. If you’re in search of the perfect summer beverage that’s both indulgent and refreshing, look no further.

The Original Strawberry Cream Liqueur

Tequila Rose stands as a testament to the beauty of innovation in the world of spirits. Imagine a silky-smooth concoction that marries the boldness of tequila with the lusciousness of strawberry cream. It’s a fusion that breaks boundaries, as Tequila Rose was the first to pair cream with something other than Irish whiskey. This daring innovation gave birth to a flavour profile that’s as daring as it is delightful.

A Symphony of Flavours

What makes Tequila Rose truly exceptional is the harmonious interplay between its rich strawberry cream and the electrifying bite of tequila. With every sip, you’re treated to a symphony of flavours that dance across your palate. The sweetness of ripe strawberries mingles with the distinctive tang of tequila, creating a balanced and satisfying experience that’s unlike any other.

A World Best-Seller

Tequila Rose has captured the hearts and taste buds of countless individuals around the globe. Its reputation as the world’s best-selling strawberry cream liqueur is a testament to its exceptional quality and unparalleled taste. When you choose Tequila Rose, you’re indulging in a drink that’s been celebrated by enthusiasts everywhere.

The Official Drink of Unforgettable Nights

Tequila Rose isn’t just a drink; it’s a catalyst for unforgettable moments. It has become the official drink of Girls’ Nights everywhere, embodying the spirit of camaraderie, fun, and connection. The love people feel for Tequila Rose is not just about the drink itself, but the shared joy of experiencing it together.

Endless Possibilities

While Tequila Rose is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, its versatility knows no bounds. From crafting delectable cocktails to blending adult milkshakes that redefine indulgence, the possibilities are endless. Add a touch of strawberry kick to your morning coffee or elevate your favourite cocoa recipe. You can even infuse your cakes with the delightful essence of Tequila Rose.

This summer, let Tequila Rose be your companion in crafting memorable moments. Whether you’re raising a glass with old friends or making new connections, the richness of strawberry cream and the thrill of tequila await.



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Malta Takes Center Stage in EU’s Remote Working Revolution

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Malta has emerged as a formidable player in the European Union’s remote working landscape – clinching an enviable spot in the upper echelons of the remote working revolution, standing shoulder to shoulder with economic powerhouses like Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. 

The winds of change are sweeping across the Maltese workforce, as a recent analysis by BNP Paribas Real Estate Ireland (BNPPRE) has revealed.

While Ireland may have claimed the top spot in the EU for the adoption of remote working, Malta has firmly established its presence as a trailblazer in the rapid shift from traditional office-based work to flexible, remote arrangements. The Netherlands may boast the highest percentage of its workforce engaged in remote work (over 50%), but it is Malta that has taken the lead in embracing the remote work phenomenon with remarkable alacrity.

A closer examination of Eurostat data brings Malta’s prowess into sharper focus. Malta ranks second in the EU when it comes to dedicating workspace to remote working, transcending the confines of the conventional workplace. This insightful analysis, conducted by BNP Paribas Real Estate, highlights Malta’s forward-looking approach to modernising work environments.

The COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for the remote working revolution, forcing organisations to embrace new ways of conducting business. The international analysis emphasises that the shift to remote work is not just advantageous for employees, but also benefits employers by reducing the need for certain physical office spaces and resources.


July’s Becomes MIA’s Busiest Month Since 2019

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  • The airport welcomed 848,716 passengers in July
  • The seat load factor stood at 89 per cent, despite an increase in seat capacity
  • Out of the top five markets, France registered the strongest growth over 2019

Malta International Airport welcomed 848,716 passengers in July. This total beat the airport’s previous monthly record, held by August 2019, by more than 25,000 passenger movements.

Aircraft movements during the month remained in line with July 2019 levels, while seat capacity saw an increase of 3.8 per cent as a result of larger aircraft being operated on flights to Malta.

Despite the increase in the number of seats available, the monthly seat load factor (SLF) rose by 2.1 per cent over pre-pandemic levels to reach 89.1 per cent, as demand for travel remained very strong for yet another month.

Being Malta International Airport’s most connected market through flights to 20 airports, Italy showed no signs of ceding the top spot to the United Kingdom, which was the second most popular market for the month.

The French market continued to perform exceptionally well, registering growth of 52 per cent over 2019 and outperforming Germany to rank third. Five airlines currently connect Malta International Airport to 10 French airports, contributing to this market’s increasing popularity.

Passenger traffic from Spain grew by a marginal 1.2 per cent compared to pre-pandemic levels, with this market retaining the same position it has held since May 2023.

While the terminal was already a hive of activity in July, the August holiday rush is set to bring busier days. Traffic is expected to peak on 17 and 24 August, with each one of these days forecast to see more than 32,000 passengers.

Passengers who will be travelling on either day are reminded to be at the terminal at least two hours before the scheduled time of departure.


30 individuals discovered to be residing in Malta irregularly

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In an effort to address the persistent issue of irregular immigration, authorities in Malta have ramped up their inspection efforts, resulting in a recent apprehension of individuals living in Malta without legal authorisation.

Early Friday morning witnessed a continuation of inspections led by the Police, in collaboration with Detention Services officers, in a bid to curb irregular immigration.

The focus of these intensified efforts was centred around the areas of San Pawl il-Baħar and Qawra, where patrols on the streets and comprehensive inspections on buses yielded significant results.

A total of 30 individuals were discovered to be residing irregularly within the country’s borders. Swift action was taken, as these individuals were promptly transported to a detention center, marking the commencement of an immediate return process.

Looking ahead, these operations against irregular immigration are poised to continue in the ensuing days and weeks.


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