Independent councillor protests unadvised garden destruction in Zebbug

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Independent Żebbug Councillor Steve Zammit Lupi has placed himself in between Infrastructure Malta and a village garden to protest allegedly unadvised destruction of the fruit garden.

Zammit Lupi has stated that no form of application of permits had been submitted and sat on a brick wall in defiance of Infrastructure Malta’s works.

Environmental NGO Moviment Graffitti has commended Zammit Lupi’s efforts to save the garden and called upon the public to aid the independent councillor in his protest while an Infrastructure Malta lawyer stated that no permit was needed.


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Mellieħa hotel evacuated after reports of fire

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Mellieħa’s Solana Hotel and Spa was evacuated on Tuesday evening after emerging reports of a fire developed in a substation on the back-end of the hotel.

Residents and employees were safely evacuated with the Civil Protection being called on site and extinguished the fire within an hour.

Reports have emerged that the hotel had between 15 and 20 residents, who have now been offered alternative accommodation in another Mellieħa hotel.


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Move over Messi, there’s a new king…

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FC Barcelona faced a harsh reality check yesterday after losing 4-1 to French side Paris Saint-Germain, with young superstar Kylian Mbappé scoring a hat trick and solidified his road to legendary status.

Barcelona’s performance in yesterday’s Round of 16 match highlights why Lionel Messi may have wanted to leave the Spanish side last summer, with the PSG loss being the latest in a string of defeats.

Meanwhile, Kylian Mbappé continues to prove his capabilities as he reaches for the brass ring, with a showcase of youth and professionalism displayed in Paris Saint-Germain’s journey towards the Champions League final.


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Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard, says season 4 will be the ‘darkest’ season yet

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Stranger Things star, Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler has said that fans can expect, the funnies, darkest and saddest season of sTranger Things yet!

Wolfhard said that every year the season gets ‘amped up’ just when they think it can’t get any darker, it does.
Stranger Things has to be put on hold because of COVID-19 but filming is now underway!
Are you excited? Because we sure are!
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