Inauguration Of The Notarial Registers Archive

Inauguration Of The Notarial Registers Archive
Nov 24 2023 Share

The Notarial Registers Archive (NRA), with an investment of €5 million, of which over €4 million came from the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), has been inaugurated. The project was officially inaugurated by the Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici, the Minister for Justice Jonathan Attard and Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Chris Bonett.

The project commenced in 2016. Since 2021, the Notarial Archives Register has become part of the National Archives of Malta. In July 2023, the Notarial Archives Foundation took over its management and operation.

Minister Owen Bonnici stated that this Archive is a unique source of information where facts about the history of Malta and the Mediterranean continue to be discovered. He continued that the repository holds over 2km of records that shed light on the legal, economic, social, and cultural history of the Maltese islands.

“This project has seen the complete conservation of the entire work of 15 individual notaries, amounting to over 600 volumes. These included manuscripts that were heavily damaged during the Second World War,” explained Minister Bonnici.

Minister Jonathan Attard stated that the opening of this Notarial Registers Archive marks another memorable day in the rich history of the notarial profession of our country. “A profession that not only gave us an identity of who our predecessors were and the history of each and every Maltese and Gozitan person, but also a profession through which we learned a lot about the history of our country,” stated Minister Attard.

Minister Attard reiterated that such facilities pave the way for the Notarial Registers Archive to establish itself as an international benchmark for archival research, preservation and conservation of paper. It is also proof of the Government’s commitment both towards the Maltese Heritage and towards the need to safeguard the notarial legal history.

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Bonett explained “Through this project we are not only preserving our past but have also given access to the present generation by preserving these valuable documents that offer centuries-old heritage of knowledge. This investment will not only stimulate academic curiosity but also pave the way for future cultural and historical discoveries.”

Through this investment, the two palazzi at 24, St Christopher Street, and 217, St Paul Street were rehabilitated and transformed into a multidisciplinary centre for historical and scientific investigation. The palazzo at St Christopher Street houses the manuscript collection within a fully climate-controlled environment, the first of its kind for the Maltese islands. The palazzo at St Paul Street will be receiving the general public, visitors, and researchers in spaces such as the NRA Museum, the Reading Room, and the volunteers’ space, apart from its Conservation laboratory.

The entire collection of notarial documents is undergoing a disinfestation process prior to its return to the Archive repository.

The NRA Museum will showcase highlights of the collection in the form of rotating exhibitions. Items on display include Pietro Caxaro’s Kantilena, Domenico Vigliarolo’s 16th century portolan chart, and the George Cross document. The Museum is an innovative educational experience and a tool for the exploration of Maltese and Mediterranean history.


Shaun Farrugia To Release Song With Sidemen’s Vikkstar

Shaun Farrugia To Release Song With Sidemen’s Vikkstar
Nov 23 2023 Share

Local singer and songwriter Shaun Farrugia has announced that his collaboration with Sidemen’s Vikkstar will be releasing on December 1st. 

The song, titled ‘HUMANS’, was teased by the singer on his social media – a track he will be releasing with the Youtube star turned DJ and musician. 


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Vikkstar, a prominent member of the Sidemen, one of the world’s most famous Youtube groups, was in Malta earlier this year for his wedding along with the other members of the crew. 


Celebrity Chef Gino D’Acampo Calls Malta “The Best Islands in the Mediterranean”

Celebrity Chef Gino D'Acampo Calls Malta "The Best Islands in the Mediterranean"
Nov 23 2023 Share

In a recent interview with Malta Daily, celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo had quite a few words of praise about Malta and its accompanying islands.

Sitting down with Amy at Mercury, the Italian chef and media personality called our tiny Mediterranean home “the best islands… by far… in the Mediterranean.” Jokingly telling viewers not to report such high praise to his fellow Italians, Gino went on to reveal that prior to this year, he had never been to Malta aside from a 24-hour stay, going on to call it ‘super cool’.

The celebrity chef continued by saying that he can’t wait to bring authentic dishes to the islands. Flying in ingredients straight from Italy, D’Acampo wants people who come to his restaurants at The Mercury to experience true Italian flavour.

D’Acampo revealed that he will have a restaurant called Luciano by Gino D’Acampo on the fifth floor, and that people should be excited for authentic, traditional Italian food. Additionally, the chef will also open Radio Bar and Cabana Restaurant at Mercury

If there’s one thing we’re sure of, is that foodies are in for a major treat once Gino D’Acampo’s restaurants are open.


Celebrity Chef Gino D’Acampo to Open First International Restaurant at Mercury

Nov 23 2023 Share

Malta is about to get a touch of authentic Italian flavour as it has just been announced that celebrity chef and media personality Gino D’Acampo will be opening his first international restaurant at the newly-opened Mercury in Spring 2024.

The chef is no stranger to taking Italian gastronomy to various locations around the world and Malta is the latest to open its doors to the food & media giant’s empire. The three Gino-led outlets will be Luciano by Gino D’Acampo restaurant, Radio Bar and Cabana Restaurant.

D’Acampo will be opening his first international establishment in April, with Maltese foodies encouraged to seek out his take on authentic flavours in Malta’s hottest entertainment district.

A simple look at Gino’s Instagram will tell you that this is not a restaurant you want to miss out on, so keep your eyes peeled for more information and exciting announcement on everything that will be going down at Mercury.