Immunity passport is being discussed between EU member countries

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During this morning’s conference, Minister for Health, Chris Fearne confirmed that discussions are underway regarding the COVID-19 immunity passport.

This passport would allow for easier travel for those vaccinated and therefore, ‘immune’ to the COVID-19 virus.


COVID-19 variant arrives in Madrid, Spain

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The COVID-19 variant originating from the UK has now also been identified in Madrid, Spain.

A family of 4 have been diagnosed with the variant of the virus. 

The son had just arrived from the UK and is waiting to confirm the COVID-19 variant and the father, mother and sister have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 variant.


Bormla parish homily delivered by Giorgia Mae, Prime Minister, Robert Abela’s daughter

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The Bormla parish homily was delivered by the Prime Minister, Robert Abela’s daughter, Giorgia Mae along with two other children.

Giorgia urged everyone to see the good in the year 2020 even though it was a very challenging year.


L-Istrina hits the 2 million mark!

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L-Istrina has just hit the 2 million euro mark!

In just over 5 hours the Maltese public has already managed to collect over 2 million euro.


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