Iklin Pawnbroker Admits to Dealing with Stolen Artifacts from Grand Master’s Palace

Iklin Pawnbroker Admits to Dealing with Stolen Artifacts from Grand Master's Palace
May 3 2024 Share

A 67-year-old pawnbroker, Anthony Stivala, admitted to handling stolen property, including three antique vases and a clock from Valletta’s Grand Master’s Palace. Police found the items in his home, wrapped in towels and in “perfect condition.” Stivala pleaded guilty on Friday and received a two-year suspended jail term.

His defense lawyer stated there would be no appeal. Stivala is expected to testify against an architect involved in the theft. Last month, another person was charged in connection to the theft.

Prosecutors revealed that only three of the four stolen items were retrieved. Stivala’s lawyer argued that his client became involved in the crime only after hearing about it in the media and chose not to disclose the items to police to avoid escalating the situation.

Stivala’s children had prepared forms for customers declaring their items weren’t stolen, but he was negligent in using them. The prosecutor mentioned the total value of the stolen items, disputed by the defense.

After deliberation, the court found Stivala guilty. The presiding magistrate warned him to understand the seriousness of the situation. Stivala accepted, expressing his intention to close his shop and stay home peacefully.

Prosecutors were led by AG lawyer Nicholas Degaetano, with defense counsel provided by lawyers Roberto Spiteri and Joanna Scerri.



Swimmer At Risk Of Dying After Difficulty In St George’s Bay

Swimmer At Risk Of Dying After Difficulty In St George's Bay
May 3 2024 Share

Yesterday, at around 1730hrs, police were informed that their assistance as needed as a person had found difficulty in St George’s Bay, St Julian’s.

A medical team and police convened immediately on site and found a 56 year old Polish man on the ground after he was pulled out of the sea by other people in the area.

He was immediately given preliminary medical aid before an ambulance transported him to Mater Dei. He was later certified as being in serious condition.

Investigations are still ongoing.


5,637 New Vehicles Added To Malta’s Roads In 2024 Q1

5,637 New Vehicles Added To Malta's Roads In 2024 Q1
May 3 2024 Share

In the first quarter of 2024, the total stock of licensed motor vehicles increased by 831 compared to the previous quarter, reaching 439,398 by March 2024.

Passenger cars constituted the majority at 74.1 %, followed by commercial and agricultural vehicles at 14.2 %, and motorcycles/E-bikes/PA-bikes, E-kick scooters, quadricycles, and ATVs at 11.1 %.

During this period, the net average increase in licensed motor vehicles was nine per day. Newly licensed vehicles amounted to 5,637, with 72.3% being passenger cars.

Among newly licensed vehicles, 56.3% were new, and 43.7% were used. About 8,348 vehicles were taken off the road due to various restrictions, with the majority being garaged or resold.

At the end of March 2024, 58.2% of vehicles were petrol-powered, 35.6% were diesel-powered, and electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles accounted for 3.8% of the total stock.

Notable increases were seen in combined (diesel-LPG), mild hybrid (petrol-electric), and mild hybrid (diesel-electric) vehicles compared to the previous quarter.


MEP Candidate James Ryder Sets Up Billboards Ahead of Election

MEP Candidate James Ryder Sets Up Billboards Ahead of Election
May 3 2024 Share

As the MEP elections draw near, MEP candidate James Ryder isn’t just making headlines for his campaign promises but also for his innovative campaign tactics. Ryder, known for his bold approach to politics, recently  unveiled his latest billboard  amidst the activity that has heated up the past few days.

The billboard, strategically placed in a prominent location, showcases Ryder’s commitment to addressing these pressing issues while navigating the complexities of political discourse.

Ryder, known for his comedy, announced his candidature on April 1st, coincidentally April Fool’s Day. What many thought was a well-worked prank however turned out to be serious, as the comedian said that he was actually going to run for a seat in Brussels.

What do you make of this banner?