Ian Borg addresses discussions on light rail system for Malta

Jan 31 2021 Share

In an exclusive interview with The Malta Independent, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg revealed discussions being held on a potential underground rail system for Malta.

The Minister highlighted that such a transport system would take at least 8-10 years for the first line to be completed, going on to state that it is unclear whether or not the government will adopt it.

Borg called for mature, bipartisan discussion on the issue and a realistic approach while also mentioning the government’s many decisions on road project, which led to quicker routes and less traffic.


Shyli Rose and boyfriend breaking up? Trouble in paradise for Mr. & Mrs. Jewels

Jan 31 2021 Share

Mr. & Mrs. Jewels may be no more after Malta’s self-proclaimed ‘island pornstars’ and taboo smashers seem to be having big issues with regards to their social media, relationship and OnlyFans account.

In a recently posted Instagram story, Jordan alleged that Shyli hacked his social media accounts and went on to mention some active court cases, highlighting that their OnlyFans is contracted.

Shyli Rose has yet to address the issues and allegations.


Motorcyclist sustains life-threatening injuries after coast road incident

Jan 31 2021 Share

A 42-year-old Italian man residing in St. Paul’s Bay has suffered life-threatening injuries following a motorcycle accident at 05.45am this morning.

The man was driving on the coast road when he crashed into van, driven by a 51-year-old St. Paul’s Bay resident.

A medical team was called on site where the ambulance took the motorcycle driver to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment.

Investigations are currently underway.


Bernard Grech says he warned party not to take advantage of of jailing of Helena Dalli’s son

Jan 30 2021 Share

Bernard Grech, leader of the opposition, said that he insisted that party media should not take advantage when it comes to situations like the jailing of Helena Dalli’s son.

He said that it should not matter who the person is or what occupation they hold. He referred to the recent jailing of Helena Dalli’s son and how the media should report all facts in a just manner.

He also agreed with other politicians and activists that justice has taken too long to come to a decision on this case and that the man in question has since built a business and changed his life.