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“I stand here not only as President but as one of you” – Roberta Metsola

Jun 6 2024 Share

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola addressed a crowd in Siggiewi as the Nationalist Party concluded its election campaign. Metsola began with a heartfelt message of gratitude, emphasizing the campaign’s grassroots approach of knocking on doors, engaging in conversations, and listening to the people’s concerns. 

“Today, I stand here before you to ask for your trust again. I stand here not only as President but as one of you, as a mother of four children, as a woman who wants to see a better country for all of us.”

She thanked everyone who opened their homes and workplaces, allowing the campaign to connect with a diverse range of individuals, from workers and business owners to students and farmers.

“You are the ones who make this country better and stronger,” Metsola declared, praising the efforts of the Maltese and Gozitans. She noted the pride with which she represents Malta on the global stage.

Reflecting on her tenure, Metsola recalled the trust placed in her five years ago when she was elected to the European Parliament. She emphasized the achievements made and the potential for even greater accomplishments with increased representation.

“Five years ago, you trusted me to be your representative in the European Parliament. I have worked hard to honour that trust, and our European partners have also placed their confidence in us. We achieved much as a delegation of two; imagine what we could do as three Members of Parliament.”

“Thank you for your support. The choice is in your hands,” Metsola concluded. 


PN Leader Bernard Grech’s Final Campaign Speech

Jun 6 2024 Share

In a passionate speech at the end of the MEP and Local Council Election campaign in Siġġiewi, PN Leader Bernard Grech rallied supporters under the theme “Għalik”, emphasising the Nationalist Party’s commitment to the Maltese and Gozitan people. Grech highlighted the party’s historic achievements and its readiness to answer the nation’s call once again.

“We of the Nationalist Party have made great achievements, achievements for the entire Maltese and Gozitan people,” Grech began. He recalled the party’s pivotal role in securing Independence, championing democracy, and leading Malta into the European Union. These milestones, he asserted, exemplify the Nationalist Party’s dedication to the country’s progress and its unwavering response to Malta’s needs.

Grech’s speech focused on the current political landscape, portraying the Labour government as disconnected and mired in internal strife. He criticised the Labour administration for “its failure to address key issues such as the rising cost of living, traffic congestion, deteriorating infrastructure, and out-of-stock medicines.” “Today we are facing another Labor government led by a Prime Minister who is undermining the foundations of your country and your life,” Grech declared, urging voters to recognise the pressing need for change.

The core of Grech’s message was a direct appeal to the voters, emphasising that the Nationalist Party’s efforts are “FOR YOU.” He outlined the party’s commitment to returning the country to its people, improving governance, and ensuring that Malta is run as its citizens deserve. Grech thanked all candidates and MPs for their dedication, noting that their work is driven by a genuine desire to serve the people.

Grech contrasted the Nationalist Party’s track record with the Labour government’s approach, citing examples of the party’s efforts to reclaim hospitals, enshrine environmental rights in the constitution, prevent destructive development projects, and fight against abuses in social benefits and driving licenses. He underscored the party’s role in advocating for workers’ rights, combating discrimination, and protecting the interests of every citizen.

Addressing the undecided voters and those considering smaller parties, Grech made a compelling case for unity behind the Nationalist Party. He warned that votes diverted to minor parties or independent candidates would only bolster the current government’s hold on power. “If votes are lost on the smaller parties or independent candidates, or if you don’t vote, this won’t happen,” he cautioned, stressing that every vote not cast for the PN would strengthen the existing political “mafia.”

Grech concluded his speech with a call to action, urging voters to think critically about their choice at the polling station. He encouraged them to support candidates who embody European values, offer competent leadership, and prioritise the nation’s well-being over personal gain. “You will decide what politicians you want to represent you in Europe and in the local councils,” he said, advocating for a vote that supports good leadership, investment, freedom, and truth.

In his closing remarks, Grech expressed hope and confidence in the collective strength of the Maltese and Gozitan people. He envisioned a united country moving towards a better future, free from the constraints of partisan politics and guided by shared values. “Keep believing in this country. Keep believing that we can make this country better than it is today,” Grech urged.


Prime Minister Robert Abela’s Closing Campaign Speech

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As the campaign for the upcoming MEP and Local Council elections drew to a close, Prime Minister and Labour Party Leader Robert Abela delivered a stirring and passionate speech emphasizing unity and progress. In a grand event held at MFCC in Ta’ Qali, Abela outlined his vision for Malta, centering on the principle that “no challenge is bigger than a united family and likewise no challenge is bigger than a united country.”

Addressing a lively audience, Prime Minister Abela highlighted the Labour Party’s optimistic approach throughout the campaign. He reminded the people that the upcoming Saturday’s elections are a critical moment for the future of Malta, urging them to vote for their children’s and families’ future. “For your children, for your families,” Abela emphasized, calling on citizens to renew their trust in the PL. He warned that abstaining from voting could inadvertently support “the establishment, potentially leading to a resurgence of arrogance and division.”

Reflecting on the past challenging years, including the pandemic, Abela praised the government’s role as a protective shield for the people. He proudly noted Malta’s strong economic recovery and continued growth, which translates into creating quality careers and social progress.

Prime Minister Abela assured the public that future budgets would continue to focus on people-centric achievements. Upcoming measures will include further increases and grants benefiting families and the middle class, aiming to enhance the quality of life for all citizens. He urged voters to participate actively in the election, emphasizing that every vote counts and that each election starts afresh.

Robert Abela underscored the importance of Malta’s strong representation in the European Council, advocating for aid on energy and ensuring Malta receives the attention it deserves. He framed the election as a choice between support and austerity, unity and division, progress and populism, change and stagnation. He called for a strong vote for PL candidates in both the European Parliament and Local Council elections, reinforcing the message that collective effort leads to greater achievements.

Concluding his speech, Prime Minister Robert Abela reiterated his vision of a united and healthier Malta.


Forvis Mazars network unlocks potential of employees and aspiring professionals

Forvis Mazars network unlocks potential of employees and aspiring professionals
Jun 6 2024 Share

We spoke to Anthony Attard, Managing Partner at Forvis Mazars in Malta, about the implications of the creation of the new Top 10 global network, Forvis Mazars, with a particular focus on the opportunities it provides for young people aiming to embark in a career in the professional services.

Anthony explained  that being the “largest new entrant into the global rankings in decades”, the creation of Forvis Mazars “has effectively shaken up the global professional services. Forvis Mazars has also broken the mould as it is a two-firm network, bringing together Mazars, an international partnership operating in over 100 countries and territories, and FORVIS, a top ranked firm in the United States. 

Anthony said that this move also “brings opportunities for our people in terms of support as they progress along the path of continued growth.” He explained  that the huge benefits accruing from this international integrated partnership, in terms of shared knowledge, expertise and experience across this strengthened global platform, “will go a long way towards unlocking the potential of both current employees, as well as that of young people interested in joining this growing sector.”  

Anthony is confident that the creation of the Forvis Mazars global network, and the consequent integration of the Mriehel-based firm within Forvis Mazars, “will undoubtedly serve to boost our already robust Employer Value Proposition. It will specifically lend further credence to our commitment towards providing young people with a global school of excellence – now as part of the new and vastly expanded Forvis Mazars international network. Thanks to this landmark development, aspiring professionals will have exposure to an environment which provides an even greater array of learning and training opportunities, both locally and overseas..” 

The creation of the Forvis Mazars global network reinforces the concept of a unique international partnership which is by its very nature collaborative and multicultural; and therefore the diversity which characterises the new global reality which is Forvis Mazars, is regarded as a “driver for value”. “To capitalise on our diversity”, said  Anthony , “we need to know how to work together. This is why we do not see international mobility as a perk, but is instead considered as a valuable development tool for our people, in addition to being of value for our organisation as a whole.” He added that the firm offers a range of programmes designed to enhance one’s international outlook with regards to their profession, including various opportunities for international secondment for personnel at all levels. 

 “We also see the creation of Forvis Mazars as an opportunity to further refine and expand the scope of our Internship Programme, with internships opportunities available to local post-secondary/sixth form, University, MCAST and ACCA students. Students who join us can look forward to working on  client related assignments  while being mentored by our most experienced professionals, together with a sensible level of flexibility which allows them to tailor-make the programme to suit their requirements.”  

He also touched on the very topical issue of a sustainable work-life balance: “The career of a financial auditor or in any consulting profession is very demanding in terms of time, personal investment and travel. This is why, at Forvis Mazars, we strive to preserve a work-life balance for our employees. Whilst expecting our people to give their utmost, we believe that this is achievable in balance with their personal life. To this end, we offer an array of family-friendly measures, hybrid working conditions and flexible employee time management.