‘I couldn’t sleep well for a week’: Jon Mallia looks back on podcast with Matthew Caruana Galizia

 - Local - Nov 24
'I couldn't sleep well for a week': Jon Mallia looks back on podcast with Matthew Caruana Galizia

“A cursed memorial of a country which sold its soul. That is what they’ve reduced your mother’s body to. When I say your mother’s body – whatever’s left of it.” This excerpt from Jon Mallia’s latest Facebook post sheds light on the significance and intensity of his recent podcast with Matthew Caruana Galizia, son of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Amongst other scenarios, the lengthy post graphically described a scenario in which Mallia attempts to put himself in Matthew Caruana Galizia’s shoes on the day of his mother’s assassination. The podcast host and media personality stated that he couldn’t sleep well for a week after only just ready a sentence from her son’s profile, let alone having to deal with what happened himself.

He went on to ask the rhetorical questions of “why wasn’t the laptop given to the police” or “why didn’t the dog bark”, emphasising the ludicrous nature of such questions – bluntly stating that it is due to the disgusting ignorance of the person posing the questions. Jon went on to make the comparison between himself and Matthew, highlighting Matthew’s sentiments during the podcast. He had stated that the people “say these things because they feel guilty… So they look for any explanation to feel less so, no matter how ridiculous, like asking why the dog didn’t bark.” 

The podcast, in its entirety, can be seen below:

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