Hygiene is more than just a priority thanks to Capo Crudo’s Rensair

 - COVID-19 - Jan 13
Hygiene is more than just a priority thanks to Capo Crudo’s Rensair

Capo Crudo have just announced new machines which are set to make it more comfortable living in a COVID-19 pandemic world. 

Taking care in keeping with their tradition of bringing clients a world class dining experience, Capo Crudo have implemented new hygiene measures to combat the pandemic and ensure client safety. By installing hospital-grade air purifiers that trap and destroy 99.7% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including the COVID family, hygiene has became more than just a top priority. 

Rensair has already been adopted by major institutions globally, including brands such as Pepsi and Disney, as well as UK National Health Services and the UK’s Ministry of Defence. 

The technology was originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, getting strict air quality requirements. This technology has now been made available globally. Most other conventional air purifiers simply collect and trap harmful particles. The Rensair air purifier patented solution uses the most advanced purification technology as documented by independent laboratories including Eurofins, Oslo University Hospital and Norconsult. 

‘We hope to set the stage for a wide adoption of the Rensair air purifiers across the island, so that Malta can be among the first countries to go back to the ´old normal’ where we could all safely meet and greet in our favourite restaurants, hotels, shops, offices, schools, and more safely!’

With these new machines claim tested by world renowned independent laboratories, the brand highlights how we can all afford to make this small investment for the sake of employees, clients and everyone else to eliminate airborne viruses. 

‘We at Capo Crudo are leading the way. We invite the industry to join us and beyond’. 


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