Hunter’s Federation Condemns Illegal Protected Bird Hunting

Hunter's Federation Condemns Illegal Protected Bird Hunting
Sep 29 2023 Share

After news surfaced that protected bird species were being shot illegally, the Federation for Hunting and Conservation (FKNK) issued a statement condemning the act. 

‘The killing of protected birds was and will always be condemned without reserve by the FKNK’, the organisation wrote. 

‘Whoever kills protected birds has no place with FKNK. These acts damage the continuous efforts by the FKNK which seek to continue the hunting tradition.’ 

With the statement going on to thank the ‘thousands of hunters who are responsible and practice ethical hunting’, the statement follows reports by various individuals and groups, prominently Birdlife Malta, of illegal hunting happening around the island. 

This also comes right after another Osprey being shot, with lead pellets shattering both legs beyond any chance of recovery. 

‘The bird is a juvenile one that started its life some months ago in Latvia’, Birdlife explained. ‘ Its journey has however been cut short as a direct result of the state of impunity that hunting is in. Years back a 3pm curfew protected these birds from being hunted down as they arrive to Malta to rest for the night. Yet currently most of the hunting that is witnessed in the afternoon is simply on such protected species.’


Lynn The Hedgehog Released After Rehab

Lynn The Hedgehog Released After Rehab
Sep 28 2023 Share

Nature Trust released an adorable video of the release of a little hedgehog named Lynn back into the wild after she was in rehabilitation. 

Lynn was released close to the area wherein she was found after requiring aid. 

‘Hedgehogs are always released just before sunset or at night as they are nocturnal. If you spot a hedgehog out during daylight, there is likely something wrong and you should call the Wildlife Rescue Team so that we can assess the hedgehog.’ 

‘Hedgehogs are a protected species and it is illegal in Malta to keep our local hedgehogs as pets.’

 If you spot a hedgehog injured or in danger, please call the Wildlife Rescue Team on 99999505.


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Dumbeldore Actor Michael Gambon Passes Away Aged 82

Dumbeldore Actor Michael Gambon Passes Away Aged 82
Sep 28 2023 Share

Renowned actor Sir Michael Gambon, famed for portraying Professor Albus Dumbledore in six of the eight Harry Potter films, has passed away at the age of 82, as confirmed by his family. 

Born in Dublin, Sir Michael’s illustrious five-decade career spanned television, film, theatre, and radio, earning him four Baftas. Survived by his widow, Lady Gambon, and son Fergus, he departed peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, after battling pneumonia.

In addition to his iconic role in the Harry Potter franchise, based on JK Rowling’s novels, Sir Michael brought French detective Jules Maigret to life in the ITV series “Maigret.” 

He also left an indelible mark with his portrayal of Philip Marlow in Dennis Potter’s “The Singing Detective” on the BBC. His journey began as an original member of the Royal National Theatre in London, and he went on to shine in numerous Shakespearean productions.

In recognition of his contributions to the entertainment industry, Sir Michael received a knighthood in 1998. His legacy as a versatile and accomplished performer will forever resonate in the hearts of audiences worldwide.


RIVA & Le Majoliche Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience in St. Julian’s

RIVA & Le Majoliche Join Forces to Create the Ultimate Dining Experience in St. Julian's
Sep 28 2023 Share

Adding a touch of class to the bustling St. Julian’s area, two local spots boasting culinary excellence have joined forces to create a must-visit dining destination.

Of course, we’re speaking about the stylish, newly-opened hotspot RIVA joining forces with Sicilian foodie favourite Le Majoliche. Enjoy the best of both worlds alongside a glass of champagne with friends at the H Hotel Building in Triq Santu Wistin and take yourself on a gastronomical adventure unlike any other.

Whether you plan to indulge on the restaurant’s fine range of fish dishes or desire a well-crafted plate of pasta, RIVA has it all, with a premier selection of gin, champagne and crudi at the ready to take your palate on a journey.

So what are you waiting for? Step into a world of timeless elegance and culinary excellence at RIVA.

Bookings are open on +356 7953 2491.

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