Human tooth found in Gozo shipwreck could have massive consequences

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Human tooth found in Gozo shipwreck could have massive consequences

A single human tooth which was found buried deep in the lower sediment of a Phoenician shipwreck could have huge archaeological consequences. The shipwreck was found off Gozo 14 years ago with the tooth being the first human remain found on the wreck discovered in 2007. Marine archeologist Timmy Gambin explained how the lower, right, first molar probably belonged to a young person since it had little wear and the internal pulp chamber was large. 

The implications are huge, Gambin explained, as he and his team are looking to collaborate with International experts to carbon date the tooth and then look at the DNA to determine possible links with modern Maltese genetics. The shipwreck was one of only seven discovered Phoenician shops in the world, and the tooth could help give more insight into the people aboard the ship. 

The shipwreck is situated at a depth of 110m off Xlendi Bay in Gozo, consisting of an intact and well-preserved mixed cargo ship datable to the 7th century BC. This year brought the exploration to an end as all that could be done with today’s technology was done, said Gambin. 


Photo Source: Times of Malta, TripAdvisor, Look and Learn

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Hybrid work and flexible hours promised by a Nationalist government

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Hybrid work and flexible hours promised by a Nationalist government

The Nationalist Party has promised to grant the rights to every employee for temporal and spatial flexibility at work should it be elected to government. In a proposal aimed to achieve better family-work life balance, the proposal would see that in agreement with employers, employees will be able to choose the starting and finishing time of work as well as a number of days working from home. Employers would also be obliged to observe such measures and be able to offer explanations in writing should it be refused. 

As long as productivity levels are met, the measures should apply, with PN MP Claudette Buttigieg stating that the party wants to keep people and the whole family at the centre of their politics. On her part, Marie Claire Zammit from Moviment Nisa PN stated that the party is promising under equality and facilitating a healthier family-work balance through such proposals. She added that a PN government promises a tax rebate to all employers who wish invest to improve furniture ergonomics and other services like Wifi at the home of the employees during remote work. 

Yet another proposal by the PN involves the right for 10 paid keeping in touch days for anyone taking maternal/paternal/adoptive leave. PN employment spokesperson Jason Azzopardi stated that this would enable employees to keep in touch with ongoing training programmes and that protection for pregnant women would start the moment that a pregnancy is disclosed to the employer. 


Photo Source: My Tech Decisions, Bernard Grech FB

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6 things you have to accept sooner or later | by Ed’s Common Sense

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6 things you have to accept sooner or later | by Ed's Common Sense

Denial is all about attempting to protect oneself by refusing to accept certain truths about life but often presents an amount of problems, including those related to mental. Acceptance of certain facts will not only set you free psychologically, but lead you down a trail of positive thinking and brighter results. That said, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Edward Curmi has compiled a list of 6 things you have to accept sooner or later.

Dr. Edward Curmi is also the author of 2 self-help books titled Ed’s Common Sense.

1. Great relationships aren’t found. They are built. And you can never stop building


2. Unfortunately not all friendships last. It’s ok if we grow out of our childhood friends.

3. Ironically, the best moments in our lives are the simplest and most common ones.


4. Money and success will never buy you happiness. Meaningful relationships will do the trick

5. No matter how hard and talented you are luck always plays a huge part

6. Most of your dreams might never come true but they will help you in many other strange ways


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New primary health care centre set to open in March in Rabat, Gozo

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Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne has revealed that a primary health care centre is set to open in Rabat, Gozo in March. Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, the minister said that the government has over the past three years opened 14 health clinics across Malta and Gozo. The aim is to open a health clinic in every town, with Fearne noting that in treating patients in their own locality it makes things more comfortable for the patient. 

It also speeds up the process of early diagnosis and makes it cheaper than treatment in a hospital. Fearne pointed to how the government opened health care centres in Valletta and Kalkara, with a new centre set to open in Santa Lucia in November and centres for Marsascala and Ta Giorni currently in progress. 


Photo Source: Chris Fearne FB

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