Hugo’s Group and son pay tribute to beloved founder Hugo Chetcuti

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Hugo’s Group and son pay tribute to beloved founder Hugo Chetcuti

Taking to their social media, Hugo’s Group paid a touching tribute to their beloved founder Hugo Chetcuti following his passing 4 years ago.

“It has been four years since the tragic passing of our beloved founder, Hugo Chetcuti. May his legacy continue to grow thanks to his son, family, committed employees and loyal clientele.”

“If you ever had the privilege of knowing and spending time with Hugo, feel free to share your experiences and photos with us to keep his memory alive.”

His son and successor, Luke Chetcuti, also shared a touching image of Chetcuti with his grandkids, writing: ‘4 years without my best friend, mentor and father.’ 

The businessman was murdered by Bojan Cmelik after being stabbed by the latter outside one of his Paceville establishments on July 6th 2018. Cmelik has since been found guilty of murder and convicted to life in jail, with a term of solitary confinement. 

Rest in Peace Hugo. 

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Nick Kyrgios fined for behaviour in front of Prince George

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Fan favourite Nick Kyrgios has been fined for his beahviour in front of the Royal Family, specifically the 8-year-old Prince George. The Australian tennis player was heard swearing and using ‘unsportsmanlike’ language during his Wimbledon final match against tennis superstar Novak Djokovic.



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BBC commentators had to apologize for Kyrgios’s language saying “Apologies for the language, it’s live sport, it’s tense”. The incident in question was when he asked chair umpire Renaud Lichtenstein for a first serve after two double faults saying: “It’s a f*****g joke.” Throughout the match he was seen arguing with fans and even with his girlfriend and family for their apparent lack of support.

He was fined $4,000 for an audible obscenity in front of royalty, with Prince George and Princess Kate in attendance with their son Prince George. Kyrgios had to pay two more fines throughout this year’s Wimbledon however he has not only made the money back but also received much more after winning £1,050,000 as runner-up.



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The Malta Intersport Gladiator Trail is officially back: with a twist!

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The Gladiator Trial is officially back - with a twist!

The Gladiator Trail is back for its official second edition – but it is returning with a massive twist.


No TV production will be taking place this time around but will offer the opportunity for anyone who wishes to try out the challenge a chance to test their limits! Taking place at Montekristo Estate between 24-25 September 2022, participants can choose to take part in any of the available categories.



The time will be recorded and communicated to determine the 2022 winner. Those who manage to make it through the most number of obstacles in the shortest time, will stand a chance of winning the GLADIATOR TROPHY!


Here’s a sneak peek at what is in store! For more information, visit the official Malta Gladiator Trail website. Free parking will be available on premises, with participants receiving a goodie bag and official merchandise. 

Here are all the categories which can participate in this next edition:

  • Gladiator KIDS (AGE 4-12) 
  • Gladiator KIDS ELITE (AGE 4-12)
  • Gladiator TEENS (AGE 13-16)
  • Gladiator TEENS ELITE (AGE 13-16)
  • Gladiator SERIES (AGE 17+) MAN ELITE
  • Gladiator SERIES (AGE 17+) WOMAN ELITE


NASA reveal deepest images of the Universe ever taken

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In collaboration with NASA, President Joe Biden has just revealed the first ever picture taken by the James Webb Telescope, which, according to NASA, is the world’s most powerful telescope .



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The project has been ongoing for nearly 30 years now and, suffice to say, it has not been cheap. It has reportedly cost NASA around $10 billion for the project to come to fruition and for the telescope to actually work as intended. 

The highly awaited photos will showcase the Universe in a way never seen before, will feature certain colours that no human has ever seen as well as more depth and resolution in an image of the cosmos than ever before.

The telescope includes the largest ever mirror sent to space. It spans 21 feet across and is meant to gather infra-red light. It is that infra-red light, which has never been seen by the human eye, that NASA personnel have been studying ever since they took the photos. This has allowed them to peek further into the Universe.

The full collection of photos will be released in a live stream on NASA’s youtube channel and website at around 16:30 on the 12th of July.


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