How To Spot The Difference Between Malta’s Cockroaches

How To Spot The Difference Between Malta's Cockroaches
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In a recent interview with Malta Daily, Arnold Sciberras ‘The Exterminator’ broke down Malta’s current cockroach situation and how to spot the difference between different species.

Sciberras started by stating that what most people are seeing is called the ‘German Cockroach’, the species which the Maltese derivatively call ‘Kokroċ’. He stated that, throughout the years, the Maltese language has effectively categorised the smaller species as ‘kokroċ’, while the other larger species are called ‘wirdien’.


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The Exterminator explained that, since the days of English rule in Malta, the smaller species have been known as ‘kokroċ’, stemming directly from the word ‘cockroaches’, highlighting that such creatures, like other species, require chemicals or bait to be controlled as they tend to multiplied if left uncontrolled.

On the other hand, the ‘American cockroach’, which are larger, often tend to fly and scare residents, are recognised as ‘wirdien’ in Malta.

Sciberras went on to reveal that Malta has 23 types of cockroach species, with three of these being categorised as ‘pests’ whilst the others beneficial, introduced or endemic, which means that they are unique to Malta and positively contribute to the country’s biodiversity.


EasyJet Expands Operations in Malta with New Aircraft Maintenance and Repair Facility

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Malta has secured a significant addition to its aviation industry with easyJet inaugurating a new aircraft maintenance and repair facility in Luqa. This development follows an agreement between easyJet and SR Technics, through which easyJet acquired the facility from SR Technics and committed to retaining the existing workforce while planning further investments.

At the inauguration held in the spacious 40,000 square meter hangar, Prime Minister Robert Abela highlighted the Government’s support for the aviation sector. He emphasized the sector’s importance, noting that it employs around 1,500 professionals, including engineers, and contributes approximately €50 million annually to the Maltese economy. Abela praised the advanced facilities that underpin Malta’s leadership in aviation, supported by entities such as Malta Enterprise, Indis, and Transport Malta. He viewed the agreement as a pivotal step for the future of aviation in Malta and expressed gratitude to SR Technics for their years of service and training provided to Maltese workers.

The Prime Minister also underscored the broader impact of the facility, pointing out that it is one of three major European airline maintenance and repair facilities in Malta. This clustering of MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) companies fosters a robust ecosystem beneficial to the Maltese economy.

Minister for Economy, Enterprise, and Strategic Projects Silvio Schembri echoed the Prime Minister’s sentiments, celebrating the strengthened aviation industry resulting from the agreement. He highlighted the strategic reopening of Taxiway Lima by INDIS Malta last year, which enhanced the competitiveness of MRO companies by enabling them to accommodate larger aircraft. Schembri attributed these advancements to collaborative efforts between Malta Enterprise, MCAST, and the Choosing Aviation program. He also thanked SR Technics for their contributions and commended easyJet for their confidence in Malta’s aviation sector.

David Morgan, easyJet’s Chief Operating Officer, expressed satisfaction with the acquisition and the integration of the existing workforce into the easyJet team. He announced that easyJet will now employ over four hundred people in Malta, a significant boost to local employment. Morgan reflected on easyJet’s 15-year history in Malta and expressed enthusiasm for the strengthened presence, which will enhance maintenance and repair operations and improve connectivity across Europe for Maltese customers.


Sarah Bonnici Launches Music Video for Eurovision Follow-Up ‘Lose’

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Sarah Bonnici has launched the music video for her new song “Lose”, the anthemic follow-up to her Eurovision entry “Loop”. The video is full of colourful and vibrant visuals that match the energetic and uplifting vibe of the track.

“Lose” was written and composed by Sarah Bonnici and Michael Joe Cini. The production, mixing, and mastering were all done by Michael Joe Cini at Micimago Studios. This collaboration has resulted in a polished and professional sound that complements Bonnici’s powerful vocals.

The music video for “Lose” was directed by Steven Levi Vella, with Victor Abela serving as the DOP. The video also features talented dancer Miguel Azzopardi Portelli and Andrew Camenzuli, adding an extra layer of excitement and energy to the performance.

Sarah Bonnici’s latest release showcases her growth as an artist after the Eurovision song contest, and we’re sure fans of her previous work will definitely enjoy “Lose”.

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Sasha Gatt Participated in International Swimming Competition

Sasha Gatt Participating in International Swimming Competition
May 31 2024 Share

The swimmer Sasha Gatt participated in the 2024 edition of the ‘Mare Nostrum’. The first section of the competition took part in Canet en Roussillion in France where

Sasha participated in the 1500mtr freestyle final in Final A. She finished with a time of 16:51:22, earning 754 FINA points.

Sasha won the 800-meter freestyle final in Final B in Barcelona during the second round of competition, clocking in at 8:58:27 to earn 726 FINA points. In the 400-meter freestyle, she finished with a timing of 4:23:95 and 709 FINA points in her final race. Sasha set season bests in each of these three races.

At just 16 years old, Sasha became the youngest Maltese athlete to ever qualify for the Olympics, having already competed in the Tokyo Games. Her current goal is to get into her second Olympics, which will take place in Paris this summer.