How to make your home a smart one

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Smart home technology has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years with purchases of automated systems gradually increasing as homeowners turn to this accessible and convenient technology.

Turning your house into an integrated ecosystem, which is efficient and personalised, is as easy as ever. From locking in security measures to maximising your entertainment possibilities, Domotica provide high-quality and reliable technological solutions which will definitely fit your budget.

Automatically opening or closing curtains and operating lights at sunrise or sunset. It is all possible with the astronomical clock. Contact us for more information ! 🌙 ☀️

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Creating a welcoming environment out of your home begins with setting the scene and Domotica’s range of systems allows the homeowner to create whatever ambience they desire.

Lighting controls allow intelligent lighting automation systems and panels whilst the available motorised systems offer the integration and automation of motorised blinds, awnings, windows, skylights, garage doors and more into one’s home.

Lighting control: intelligent lighting automation systems and panels.

Motorised systems: integration and automation of motorised blinds, awnings,  windows, sky lights, shutters gates, garage doors, etc.

All in one compact touch screen. The central control home automation screen may be your best choice. Besides the full…

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Home is a place where one is able to rest and relax in the most comfortable way possible and having a top notch entertainment system is a box worth ticking.

Level-up your system with Domotica’s top-of-the-line range and integrate a fully-fledge home theatre with lighting, audio and everything in between and let your set-up do the talking.

Audio systems: integration and installation of audio systems

Home theatre systems: full integration and installation for home theatre: lighting, audio, A/C


Feeling safe in one’s home is not a luxury but a necessity and nowadays, you can never be too secure.

Explore a range of integrated CCTV and security systems as well as Domotica’s vast range of Intercom systems and make sure your home is a fortress in which you can put your mind to rest.

CCTV and security systems: installation and integration of CCTV and security systems

Intercom systems:  integration and installation of intercom systems


One of the biggest issues faced by homeowners is the ever-changing weather conditions, more so within the Maltese Islands where winters are cold and summer are scorching hot.

Invest into an integrated heating and A/C system with temperature control and panels to monitor your usage or try out underfloor heating with temperature controls to ensure ultimate comfort.

AURUS-4 TEMP Switch in all four colours:- 4 capacitive touch buttons- LED feedback- OLED display with temperature,…

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