“HOSANNA!” Vibe FM link up with public figures to send extra special Christmas greetings

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Let’s face it, some public figures dish out Christmas greetings in the most formal and uninteresting way possible, but local radio station Vibe FM have done their best to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

“Il-mewġ wasal u anki lili kaxkar” Il-priedka tal-Milied : Adrian Delia🎥 Videocafe

Posted by Vibe FM on Thursday, 24 December 2020

Getting in touch with the likes of Prof. Charmaine Gauci, Adrian Delia and Glenn Bedingfield, these local figures dish out their very own “priedka tal-Milied” in a warm, clever and humourous way.

“Għajtu u ifirħu għax wasal il-vaċċin!” Il-priedka tal-Milied : Charmaine Gauci🎥 Videocafe

Posted by Vibe FM on Thursday, 24 December 2020

Our favourite however, has to be Glenn Bedingfield’s “Hosanna, Hosanna fil-għoli tal-miżien”, something we can all relate to after today’s Christmas lunch!

“Hosanna Hosanna fil-għoli tal-miżien!” Il-priedka tal-Milied : Glenn Bedingfield🎥 Videocafe

Posted by Vibe FM on Wednesday, 23 December 2020


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Alliance Malta donates brand new van to the Ursuline Sisters

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Amidst the distressing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a handful of conscious sponsors came together to support the Ursuline sisters with the donation of a brand new 15-seat minibus on Christmas eve.

The initiative was spearheaded by Alliance Real Estate and supported with donations from other corporate and personal sponsors over the past few weeks. During the handing over of the vehicle to the Sisters at Angela House in Pieta, Alliance CEO Michael Bonello expressed gratitude to all those who supported the fund raising in recent weeks; with special thanks going to Ruben Farrugia from Easygas Ltd and Paul Magro from Asfaltar Ltd for their substantial donations.

He went on to explain how the company used its own resources and connections to bring the project to a successful conclusion within a very short time.

“Many of our partners, managers and property advisors, donated funds themselves and petitioned donations from their network of contacts to make this happen.”

Additional funds, received as part of this initiative over and above the cost of the minivan, are already being allocated for use in other causes by the soon to be launched Alliance Real Estate Foundation.

Receiving the vehicle keys, insurance documents and logbook at Angela House, the children’s home run by the Ursuline sisters, Mother Superior Sister Magdalene Cauchi, thanked the donors for their kind support and explained how the van will help them improve the quality of life of the children in transporting them in more comfort.

Angela House is currently home for 28 children between the ages of three and thirteen, who live in three family groups. Each group has their own apartment where they are cared for by a nun with the support of volunteers.

The handing over event was also supported by Clubhouse Europe, Malta Daily, Crosscraft, Eurosport & Brown’s Pharmacy.

The children at Angela House were also delighted by a surprise visit from popular Maltese artist Owen Leuellen, Maltese teenage football star Kailey Willis and other social media influencers.

Watch below and see how it went 👇

Alliance Malta donates brand new van to the Ursuline Sisters.

Alliance Malta – Real Estate People have just delivered a minivan to the Ursuline Sisters as a Christmas gift.The minivan was delivered to the Ursuline Sisters at Angela House in Pieta and Alliance CEO Michael Bonello thanked all the people who supported this cause and gave their donations over the past weeks. The handing over event was also supported by Malta Daily, Clubhouse Europe, Crosscraft Malta, Eurosport Malta & Brown's.Read more: https://maltadaily.mt/alliance-malta-donates-brand-new-van-to-the-ursuline-sisters/#MaltaDaily

Posted by Malta Daily on Friday, 25 December 2020



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Bernard Grech will quarantine with his wife after being informed of a possible positive contact

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Bernard Grech’s wife was just informed that a student and an LSE at the school she works at have tested positive for COVID-19.

As a result of this Bernard Grech will be quarantining with his wife during the festive season.

He has promised to keep an online presence this festive season and urged everyone to stay safe and follow regulations.


Allergy / Intolerance Warning: Lorenz Crunchips WOW – cream and wasabi contains mustard

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Lorenz has issued a warning about one of their products, by the name of Crunchips Wow – Cream and Wasabi.

It appears that the crisps contain mustard and are not suitable for people who suffer from a mustard allergy or intolerance.


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