Hong Kong is giving away free flight tickets in an attempt to attract tourists

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If you ever wanted to travel to Hong Kong for free, now may be your chance because the city is actually giving 500,000 free airline tickets in an attempt to boost tourism post-COVID.

The Chinese city is giving away 2 billion Hong Kong dollars in airline tickets, which equates to around €261.5 million, to hopefully contribute to its tourism industry after receiving a massive blow due to COVID-19.

Hong Kong was one of the strictest cities in the world with regards to COVID-related restrictions, as it followed China’s zero Covid policies.

Executive director of the Hong Kong Tourism Board Dane Cheng stated that “Once the government announces it will remove all COVID-19 restrictions for inbound travellers, we’ll roll out the advertising campaigns for the free air tickets.”

Over 183,600 people visited Hong Kong between January and August of this year. In comparison, Malta welcomed over 300,000 tourists during the same time period.



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WATCH: Students take part in annual water fight as part of Freshers’ Week madness

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As Malta’s Fresher’s Week madness continues, hundreds of University students headed to the small car park beside Vjal Tessie Camilleri to engage in their annual water fight.

Hoses sprayed litres of water across the car park as students hurled water balloons to each other in one of the most anticipated events of the year.


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Organised by architecture student organisation SACES and law student organisation ELSA, the organising parties notified students beforehand that, while the event is one etched into the University’s history, a strict set of rules and regulations were in place which students had to follow.

Rules included the avoidance of violence & unnecessary force, no vandalism to any property whatsoever and encouraged sportsmanship, amongst others.

What do you think of this event?


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WATCH: Liverpool chosen as host city for Eurovision Song Contest 2023

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Liverpool chosen as host city for Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Following weeks of deliberation, it looks like Liverpool has been chosen as the host city for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest in 2023.

British television host Graham Norton broke the news, with the city taking on the mantle of ‘host’ after the Eurovision Broadcasting Union (EBU) and BBC decided it would be taking place in the UK on behalf of Ukraine.

Seven UK cities were initially shortlisted for potential Eurovision host cities from a group of 20 who reportedly expressed interest. Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield all fell short when they came to show what they had to offer, with Liverpool making the cut to the awe of millions around the world.

The EBC and BBC made such a decision based on four criteria, with the city having a suitable venue and sufficient space for Eurovision, ready to satisfy all commitments, offering culture strength and showcasing Ukrainian culture and align with the BBC’s strategic priorities.

The contest will take place on May 13th 2023 and will be the ninth time the event is held in the UK.

Would you consider watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 LIVE?


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Why your best ideas come to you in the shower according to scientists

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Why your best ideas come to you in the shower according to scientists

Researchers think they have cracked the code as to why your best ideas come to you when you are in the shower. Whether it’s a comeback to an insult you received five years ago or an artistic project, they always seem to come when you’re having a scrub. 

A group of scientists led by the University of Virginia and the University of Minnesota decided to have a look at this phenomenon. 

A new study titled ‘The shower effect: Mind wandering facilitate creative incubation during moderately engaging activities’ gives away part of the answer in the title following its publishing. 

The shower, albeit not being the most inspiring space to be in, might provide a space for the mind to come up with innovative life hacks and ideas. 

When people are stuck on a problem, engaging in an activity which is moderately engaging like, say, going for a walk or gardening or – you guessed it – showering could get the mental gears turning. 

When performing an undemanding task, our brains have a tendency to wander. This was backed up by earlier research from 2012, but this measured how distracted the participant were. 

In the new study, participants were asked to come up with alternate uses for bricks or paperclips. Split into two groups, one watched a boring video of people folding laundry whilst the other group watched a moderately engaging video. 

It was noted that during the engaging video, there was a positive correlation between the amount of mind wandering and the creative ideas that were generated. Moderate focus could be the secret to this creative generation in the shower. 


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