Highlighting The Father’s Role in Maltese Family

Highlighting The Father's Role in Maltese Family
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The Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms and Equality celebrated Father’s Day with a public discussion that served as a reflection on the realities and challenges that fathers face in these times.

Among the topics discussed was the need for constant growth in achieving a balance between work and family life, as well as the importance of the presence and active involvement of fathers in childcare. 

Prejudices or stigmas that existed in the past regarding men engaging in traditionally female roles were also addressed.

During her intervention, the Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg, emphasized that the need for a balance between work and family life is more crucial than ever. She stated that this is essential because the female participation rate in the economy for women between the ages of fifteen and sixty-four is over 72%, according to statistics released by the NSO, which is higher than the European average.

“The concept of work-life balance and the division of responsibilities between men and women within the family unit is now more important than ever. The government has introduced a series of family-friendly measures to promote work-life balance for employees.” 

Among them are maternity and paternity leave, flexible hours, reduced hours, and teleworking. These measures address the challenges that arise in achieving a proper work-life balance for fathers and mothers. In this way, we can truly strive for equality in society,” said Parliamentary Secretary Buttigieg.

During this conference, there were also several representatives from non-governmental organizations, including representatives from the Malta Mothers Association, workers’ union representatives, and business owners.


The Right To The Environment Bill Explained By PN

The Right To The Environment Bill Explained By PN
Jun 15 2023 Share

The Nationalist Party has released a document outlining the implications of a proposed bill called “The Right to the Environment,” which aims to establish environmental protection as a fundamental human right for the people of Malta.

Following the conclusion of the public consultation period and the endorsement of the PN parliamentary group, the party presented this bill, intending to amend Malta’s constitution, in Parliament last week. MPs Darren Carabott, Janice Chetcuti, and Stanley Zammit announced the document’s publication during a press conference on Wednesday.

Carabott emphasized that extensive research has gone into this proposal, and experiences from other countries with similar legislation have demonstrated its positive impact. The amendment specifically addresses chapter four of the constitution, which Carabott identified as the only enforceable chapter within it.

Currently, Maltese citizens do not possess the inherent right to a clean and sustainable environment. 

Consequently, Carabott stated that this bill would grant individuals the power to advocate for this right. Carabott explained that the proposed bill introduces a comprehensive definition of the environment, encompassing Malta’s towns and villages.

If this fundamental right is violated, the bill empowers citizens and non-governmental organizations to take action against the responsible government. Carabott further emphasized that it would empower the courts to adjudicate such cases. Carabott clarified that although there exists an international agreement among countries to maintain a clean environment, it does not explicitly confer this right to individual citizens. Consequently, as it stands, citizens in Malta still lack the right to a clean environment.

Chetcuti stressed the significance of considering future generations’ welfare by ensuring a healthy environment for them. Despite some loss of Malta’s natural surroundings, Chetcuti expressed optimism about the potential for preservation. She also highlighted everyday issues like traffic, air and noise pollution, and respiratory problems, explaining how this bill would enable citizens to address these concerns.

During Zammit’s speech, he underscored the role of Malta’s planning system in the deterioration of the environment. Zammit emphasized the PN’s objective of adopting a more comprehensive planning system that prioritizes environmental preservation, rather than solely focusing on permit approvals.


Pa-wguri! Dad Jokes bil-Malti f’Jum il-Missier

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Nawguraw lil missierijiet kollha f’jum tant speċjali… u hekk kif inhu mistenni, hawn ftit ċajt bil-Malti li sirna nistennew mingħand il-missierijiet tagħna!

Iċ-ċajta tal-librar

Iċ-ċajta tal-ħabib

Iċ-ċajta taż-żunżan

Iċ-ċajta tat-tabib

Iċ-ċajta tal-kolesterol

Niskużaw ruħna mill-ġdid talli kellna ngħaddukom minn din l-esperjenza, imma jekk qatt kien hemm lok għal dawn iċ-ċajt, huwa llum.

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Awguri f’Jum il-Missier!


4,000 England Supporters In Malta For Friday Match

4,000 England Supporters In Malta For Friday Match
Jun 15 2023 Share

4,000 English supporters have landed in Malta to support their team as they go head to head against the Maltese national team this Friday. 

The match has been marred by scam ticket resales as many who did not manage to buy the tickets for the upcoming match struggled to find a way to secure their spot in a now sold out Ta’ Qali stadium.

Facebook groups have been filled with requests for tickets from football fans, with some sellers giving them away for a hefty price. The early bird prices of the tickets from the website ranged from €20 to €70. 

However, many started to show up for sale with prices ranging at around €120, despite the Malta Football Association saying that this is not allowed. 

Others claimed to be selling tickets for the original early bird price. Supporters are being encouraged to keep an eye out for potential scams should they still acquire tickets for the match from unofficial sources. 

On the other hand, the match seems to have boosted the UK tourist influx after Italy was reported to be leading most of the tourism market in recent months. For more information, please visit this website

Will you be watching the match?