Here’s Your Chance To Work In The Maltese Film Industry

Here's Your Chance To Work In The Maltese Film Industry
Nov 30 2023 Share

With big titles such as Jurassic World, Gladiator and the recent Napoleon, The Malta Film Commission is officially recruiting into the industry!

The industry has proven itself to be a massive pillar of the Maltese economy, not to mention attracting international talent to the island to continue furthering the local portfolio. 

Opportunities are officially open for assistant directors, hair & makeup, location coordinators, production office, props, set decoration, wardrobe, drivers (license C) and lock offs. 

The current opportunity is open for the period between 4th of December to 22 December 2023 and from 8th January to the 19th of January 2024. 

Are you, or anyone you know, interested? Here’s your chance? 


Remember Xummiemu? He’s Officially Back

Remember Xummiemu? He's Officially Back
Nov 30 2023 Share

If you were a kid in Malta in the 2000s, 90s and possibly even the 80s, you’ll remember a certain hedgehog named Xummiemu creating environmental awareness. 

Well, he is officially back! With a more modern design, the hedgehog urging the country to keep the island clean has had a new launch, along with the Malta Tourism Authority and the Cleansing and Maintenance Division. 

With an official slogan ‘Inżommu Nadif Flimkien’, Xummiemu will be making his gradual return into the Maltese zeitgeist as more environmental and cleaning campaigns kick off.

Do you remember Xummiemu?


64% Of Respondents Believe Bullying Is Present At Their Workplace

64% Of Respondents Believe Bullying Is Present At Their Workplace
Nov 30 2023 Share

A study by bBrave, commissioned with the support of PwC Malta, unveils alarming workplace bullying statistics, revealing that 40% of workers have experienced bullying in various forms.

 The study, combining quantitative and qualitative methodologies, engaged over 2,400 participants in a national online survey and conducted 10 focus groups, shedding light on the pervasive issue of workplace bullying. 

Notably, 64% of workers believe bullying is present in their workplace, with 56% having witnessed instances and 40% personally experiencing it.

The study emphasizes that bullying extends beyond stereotypes, affecting individuals across diverse contexts. 

Psychological and emotional bullying constituted 80% of reported cases, with reasons ranging from work-related issues (69%) to discrimination based on disability (55%), social class (22%), body appearance (15%), and age (22%). Women (43%) were more likely to be bullied than men (38%), and 58% of participants in Gozo reported instances.

The repercussions of bullying are profound, impacting mental health, with 9% reporting self-harm or suicidal thoughts, 73% experiencing increased stress, and 58% suffering mental health consequences. 

Economic implications include reduced work engagement (45%), decreased focus (37%), reduced productivity (33%), and increased absenteeism (23%).

Concerningly, only 42% of bullying cases are reported, with 50% of victims fearing repercussions. Of the reported cases, only 4% were handled well, emphasizing the need for robust anti-bullying legislation, national awareness campaigns, and enhanced reporting resources. 

Workplace recommendations include the implementation of anti-bullying policies, prioritizing employee well-being, and providing training on handling such situations.

This Project is co-financed by the European Social Fund of the European Union under the Operational Programme II – European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.

This Project is co-financed through the NGO Co-Financing Fund (NCF) managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector (MCVS) supported by the Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights (MIVC).


Ryanair Wrapped: Airline’s Version Of Spotify 2023 Wrapped

Ryanair Wrapped: Airline's Version Of Spotify 2023 Wrapped
Nov 30 2023 Share

Following the release of Spotify Wrapped 2023, airline Ryanair released its own version of the year in review – and it’s perfect. 

The post includes the amount of times people clapped on planes – which was a whopping 12,304 times and 15% lower than last year. However, the number, according to the airline itself, should be 0.

The airline also allegedly received 136,048 photos of the plane’s wing, 92,603 feet pictures (‘that’s nearly 1,000,000 toes), and 5,792 unsolicited crotch pictures. 


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The airline also joked that passengers spent 41,072 minutes listening to ‘screaming kids on the flight because you forgot to download offline music.’

As per travel personality, ‘the anxious dad’ who ‘arrives at the airport 5 hours before the flight and gets way too stressed at security’ was the official diagnosis.