Here’s who is most likely to become a billionaire according to astrology

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Here's who is most likely to become a billionaire according to astrology

Using available birthdate information for the top 300 billionaires on the Forbes Billionaires 2022 rich list, the UK’s Cashlfoat ranked how common each zodiac sign was among the world’s wealthiest people. 

And even though astrology has long been widely considered to not be very scientific, it might bode well for Libra, Pisces and Taurus reading this to pay closer attention. 

That’s right – according to this data mining ‘research’, people born under the zodiac sign of Libra are the most likely to become a billionaire.

Well, more accurately, the Libra sign occurs in 12% of these billionaires, or around 32 of the world’s wealthiest. 

  • Libra – 12%
  • Pisces – 11%
  • Taurus – 10%
  • Leo – 9%
  • Aries – 8%
  • Virgo – 8%
  • Gemini – 8%
  • Aquarius – 7.5%
  • Cancer – 7.5%
  • Sagittarius – 7.5%
  • Scorpio – 6%
  • Capricorn 5.5%

They were followed by Pisces and Taurus at 11 and 10 percent respectively. Meanwhile it’s unfortunate news for Capricorn which registered the lowest ranking at 5.5%. 

However, despite being the most common sign, Libra did not feature among the 10 wealthiest billionaires. The second richest woman in the world, daughter of Walmart found Sam Walton, Sam Walton is a Libra. 

Facebook co-foudner Mark Zuckerberg is a Taurus and became the youngest self-made billionaire at the age of 23. Meanwhile, the world’s current richest man alive, Bernard Arnault, is a Pisces, the second most common zodiac sign.

And if you’re wondering, former richest man alive Elon Musk is a Cancer, which ranked in 9th place at 7.5%. What are you?


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Businesses demand more police patrols around Paceville area

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Businesses demand more police patrols around Paceville area

Following footage that surfaced of a street brawl between two groups of Paceville attendees, businesses in the area have issued calls for more active police patrols in the area to stop such incidents from taking place. 

Business owners told this newsroom that such incidents hinder business from flowing properly in the entertainment Mecca. This is why, spokespersons said, there needs to be more active policing in the area. 


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The comments were prompted by the footage of a fight which took place at around 4am and resulted in, according to police information, the hospitalisation of a Belgian female youth and 2 French male youth. 

Do you agree? 


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Calls for crash barrier in St Paul’s Bay ignored for 5 years

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Calls for crash barrier in St Paul's Bay ignored for 5 years

A video uploaded by Nichol Chetcuti shows a horrific accident which, according Chetcuti, is the result of ignored pleas for stop signs or crash barriers. 

‘The accident happened last Monday. As you cans see, no one was over speeding but this accident could have had severe consequences’ wrote Chetcuti. 

The post highlighted how they have been chasing Transport Malta and the San Pawl il-Baħar local Council for 5 years and asked for Aaron Farrugia to take note. 

‘Installation of Crash Barrier. No trucks and bus turnings from Parades Street onto St Paul’s Street as they always have to drive over the 2 pavements to manage the turn’ he wrote.

This always damages the round about, the GO Internet Box, Wall Protection on the pavement which was repaired once again earlier this week as well as the Mecca Marine Facade. Chetcuti told this newsroom that he had to replace showroom glass twice already due to damages. 

‘Health and Safety on the roads is a must. The damage on our property and on pavements are repaired. But fatal accidents or body injury cannot be reversed’ he said. 

The video in fact shows a woman petrified of the accident. ‘After 130pm, the school children run up the road…’ he wrote, anticipating a potential tragedy if no action takes place. 



Original unopened 2007 iPhone sells for $63,000 at auction

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Original unopened 2007 iPhone sells for $63,000 at auction

A first-generation iPhone that was still factory-sealed in its original box was recently sold at auction for an impressive $63,356.40. 

The phone was gifted to Karen Green in 2007, but she never opened it because she didn’t want to get rid of her other phone.

Green had the phone appraised in 2019 and found out that it was estimated to be worth $5,000 because it was an 8GB version, not a 4GB model, and remained unopened in its original box. 

When Green heard about an original, unopened iPhone listed on eBay for $10,000, she realized she might have the same item in her possession and promptly had her son retrieve it to check.

The phone was then consigned by Green and sold on LCG Auctions, with 27 people bidding for it. The expected selling price was $50,000, but it ended up selling for over $63,000, more than 100 times its original price.

Green revealed that she left the phone unopened and unused on a shelf for years wrapped in a pair of felt pajamas for extra protection. 

She didn’t want to get rid of it because she already had three phone lines with Verizon, and iPhones would only use AT&T, which would require an expensive termination fee.

It’s fascinating to see how an item that was once seen as just a regular phone has now become a valuable collectible. 

The first-generation iPhone was released in 2007, and it’s incredible to think that this phone has been kept unopened and unused for all these years. It’s a reminder that what may seem ordinary today could turn into something remarkable and valuable in the future.


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