Here’s what happened at last night’s Malta’s Got Talent

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Between happiness, heartbreak and hometown heroes, yesterday’s Malta’s Got Talent semi-final may have been the best one yet and we can’t wait for the next episode.


Posted by Malta’s Got Talent on Sunday, November 29, 2020

The finalists emerging from yesterday’s show are the unmistakable Concept of Movement, dance starlet Ria Gauci and the duo who stole everyone’s hearts, Jomike and Lydon Agius.

⭐⭐ CONCEPT OF MOVEMENT ARE FINALISTS!! ⭐⭐.We were sure about this! We can’t wait to see your back on stage in TWO WEEKS TIME!.#MaltasGotTalent

Posted by Malta’s Got Talent on Sunday, November 29, 2020

Yesterday also marked potentially the most heartwarming moment of Malta’s Got Talent so far, as the young Lydon Agius got over a minor slip-up and stole our hearts and advanced to the finals in the process.

That was A TOUGH ONE!⭐⭐ RIA GAUCI IS A FINALIST! ⭐⭐ Well done!.#MaltasGotTalent

Posted by Malta’s Got Talent on Sunday, November 29, 2020


Romain Grosjean takes to social media following F1 accident

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The Haas F1 team has posted a video of Romain Grosjean everyone who messaged him wishing him a speedy recovery following his tragic accident at the Bahrain GP. 

The Haas driver said that he is “sort of okay” as he recovers in hospital and hopes that his hands recover soon so he can message back his fans and followers.

Grosjean was admitted to hospital after he escaped a worse fate as his car burst into flames and got ripped to shreds on the Bahrain International Circuit.


Four more COVID-19 deaths registered overnight

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The Ministry for Health has reported the death of four more elderly individuals after testing positive for COVID-19.

The first case is a 75-year-old woman who tested positive on the 31st of October and died on the 29th of November at Mater Dei.

The second case is a 94-year-old man who tested positive on the 21st of November and died on the 30th of November at St. Vincent de Paule residence.

The third case is a 90-year-old woman who tested positive on the 13th of November and died on the 30th of November.

The fourth case is a 74-year-old man who tested positive on the 16th November and died on the 30th November at Mater Dei.


4 acts that will make you not want to miss tonight’s Malta’s Got Talent

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Malta’s Got Talent first season has been a hit already, but tonight’s show might be the best so far as 4 great acts will be battling each other to earn a place in the final.

Concept of movement

The MVMT had already made a name for themselves abroad and as soon as they performed on the MGT stage, everyone got to see why they did so well in foreign competitions.

Their audition was flawless, leaving all the MGT judges speechless with their amazing dance performance. Tonight The MVMT will have another go to secure a place in the final.

Team Maximum Lock

Team Maximum Lock is a Stunt and Precision driving team made up of stunt drivers Mark, Christian & Clint which was set up in 2010.

Since then, they’ve been leaving huge crowds in awe around all the world with their amazing and jaw-dropping performances.

They aced their audition on MGT and earned a very well deserved place in the semi’s. Tonight they will be bringing their A game in order to secure a place in the final.

Emma Cutajar

Another golden buzzer that will be performing tonight is young talented singer and songwriter, Emma Cutajar, whose emotional performance during the audition was dedicated to her sister, who she never got the opportunity to meet, as she passed away before Emma was born.

Tonight we’re expecting another strong performance from this young star.

Jomike and Lydon

5-year-old boy and his father Jomike, had stolen the nation’s heart with their cute traditional singing act, which earned them Gordon’s golden buzzer.

The pair are already a fans favourite and everyone is excited about what they will be brining to the table during tonight’s performance.