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Here’s What Birgu’s New Open Green Space Will Look Like

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Here's What Birgu's New Open Green Space Will Look Like

GreenServ and Project Green are launching a project to open a green area in Birgu to the public, with different recreational zones including a picnic area, a playground and a dog park.

Minister for the Environment, Energy, and Enterprise Miriam Dalli visited the site of this new garden with WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca, Project Green CEO Steve Ellul, and Birgu’s Mayor John Boxall.

This 9,000m2 open space, larger than the size of a football ground, is situated in the heart of Cottonera, in an area known as ‘Fuq il-Glacis’. A short distance away from Birgu’s Gate of Provence, the area forms part of the fortification of the Santa Margherita Lines.

The project’s design places a strong emphasis on safeguarding the area’s heritage. It also ensures that the new pathways and recreational facilities coexist harmoniously with the mature trees already on site. These trees will continue to be maintained, retaining the beauty of this green area. The new garden will feature picnic tables and benches, a children’s play area, and dog exercise equipment.

The new pathways will make the space accessible to all. Part of the garden’s new lighting system will be powered by solar panels. All necessary equipment will be crafted from sustainable wood and recycled materials, while the pathways will be formed using reclaimed materials.

Minister Miriam Dalli explained that this investment of around €500,000 will provide the local community, including residents, workers, and students of Birgu, Bormla, and Kalkara, with another open recreational space surrounded by greenery.

“This is another investment in a better quality of life for these communities, as part of our €700 million plan to create more green spaces in Malta and Gozo, so that everyone can have a green open space not far from their home. In the coming months, we will continue working on many other environmental projects in other localities,” Miriam Dalli said.

The implementation of this project and its subsequent maintenance routines were planned to minimise carbon emissions, prioritising long-term sustainability. The new garden will be opened to the public next year.


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Love Islanders Share Photos They Took Inside Villa

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Love Islanders Share Photos They Took Inside Villa

The Love Island Malta contestants have started sharing some of the photos they snapped whilst in the villa. 

Taking to social media, the contestants started sharing some of their most memorable moments they personally immortalised in photos. 


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Here’s a look at what the contestants got up to behind the scenes!



Man In Possession Of 30 Cocaine & Cannabis Packets Arrested

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Man In Possession Of 30 Cocaine & Cannabis Packets Arrested

A 31-year-old individual was taken into custody when discovered with 30 packets believed to contain both cocaine and cannabis. 

Law enforcement revealed that the substances were uncovered during a routine patrol on Triq Santu Wistin.

The man aroused suspicion due to his behaviour, prompting officers to approach him. In an attempt to evade authorities, he fled the scene. 

However, he was subsequently apprehended in a hotel, where he gained entry through a rear entrance.

During the arrest, a police officer sustained injuries. The authorities continue to conduct investigations into the matter.



This Summer, Embark On A Journey Of Discovery At Esplora!

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This Summer, Embark On A Journey Of Discovery At Esplora!

Summer is the time for families and friends to have fun together. Whether it’s a day by the beach, a barbecue at night or a trip abroad, there are several ways people can enjoy their summer. 

And when joined by their children during the school holidays, there is no better period to spend some quality time with one another.

Another great idea for these hot, summer days, is a fantastic day out with family and friends at the Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Kalkara. ESPLORA does not only provide cool respite from the scorching heat, but it also ensures a time filled with fun, thrills and educational opportunities for visitors of all ages!

Esplora boasts a climate-controlled environment, providing visitors with immediate relief from the hot sun and sweltering heat, allowing them to make the most out of the whole experience, comfortably and without fear of consequences of the heat, even at the height of the day. 

Once at Esplora, visitors will get all the assistance and guidance they need throughout their whole experience there. The highly qualified and friendly staff spare no effort in guaranteeing a fantastic time for everyone!

Want to learn more about Earth and the planets? Eager to conduct your very own science experiments? Or maybe you want to know from which exhibit to start? Esplora’s team members will always be there to answer any questions you may have and to provide all the help that you need.

Esplora does not only promise a fun-filled and delightful experience, but also an educational one!

Exhibits are presented in a perfect blend of education and entertainment, and are jam-packed with key lessons for everyone, turning the science world into an exceptionally engaging experience. 

From amusing interactive workshops to exciting and action-packed science shows, Esplora will surely keep all visitors excited and full of enthusiasm about science! Watch your children be enthralled as they open up new worlds.

To make it even better, this year Esplora has introduced special ‘Family & Friends’ bundles, which are aimed at giving visitors more while paying less! 

These bundles ensure everyone can have the time of their lives at the science centre, whether made up of a group of three (one adult and two children) for just €12, to nine (three adults and six children) for €36!

Through these incredible offers, Esplora makes sure that not only families have fun and learn more at the science centre, but they can also join up with their friends for even better offers!

If you are looking to make the most out of your summer and take a well-needed break from the blistering heat, then a trip to Esplora is a must!

For more information about Esplora’s ‘Family & Friends’ bundles and how you can benefit from these incredible opportunities, just click here. 


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