Here’s how this high tech manufacturing company is empowering its employees to become future starters

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Here's how this Maltese tech company is empowering its employees to become future starters

If you weren’t aware already, the global semiconductor company STMicroelectronics is quite a big deal. It serves customers with innovations that make a positive impact on people’s lives.

STMicroelectronics has a huge site in Malta, a world-class assembly and testing plant, which is the Europe’s largest. With a client list including the world’s leading car-makers, automotive tech suppliers and global smartphone & electronics brands, ST’s ever-growing workforce benefits from a variety of perks which empower them as the future starters as they are.

Despite the myriad of HR challenges faced by the local & global employment markets, STMicroelectronics remains as the Malta’s largest private employer with a longstanding commitment to employee retention and satisfaction. It is diverse with workforce comprising about 50 nationalities, and it puts its people at the heart of everything it does. ST gives variety of perks and benefits from free transport, subsidised meals, private health insurance to opportunity to work in ST’s different offices across the world.

ST Malta also has sustainability engraved in its business model and culture. In a nutshell, at ST, sustainability means 3 things:

  • Create technology for a sustainable world.
  • Prioritize people and the planet, minimize its overall footprint.
  • Generate long-term value for all stakeholders.

ST wholeheartedly believes that while they create the technology, the technology starts with YOU. Working at ST means more than just starting a job. It means starting the future. So now’s your chance to be a future starter… get in touch!


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Ryanair adds new routes to Germany, UK & Sweden in biggest Malta schedule yet

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Ryanair adds routes to Germany, UK & Sweden for biggest Malta schedule yet

In what is Ryanair’s biggest Malta schedule yet, the low-cost airline will cover a total of 66 routes this summer, adding flights to Baden & Memmingen in Germany, East Midlands in the UK and Stockholm, Sweden.

The Irish carrier will conduct over 470 flights per week, with increased frequencies on popular routes like Italy’s Ciampino, Catania and Milan, Spain’s Valencia and Barcelona and Viena in Austria.

Carrying an average 3.5 million passengers to and from Malta each year, Ryanair operates under the subsidiary Malta Air and has an accumulated six aircrafts based in Malta.

Malta Air CEO David O’Brien stated that the airline will offer more travel destination choices whilst still having “the lowest fares in Europe”.

The National Statistics Office reported that 601,701 outbound trips took place in 2022, a step closer to 2019 levels, which saw 706,797 outbound trips.

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Abner Aquilina used car keys to sexually violate Paulina Dembska, court reveals

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Abner Aquilina used car keys to sexually violate Paulina Dembska, court reveals

New details about murder suspect’s Abner Aquilina’s reported rape and murder of Paulina Dembska in January 2021 were revealed in court today.

Aquilina was reportedly laughing and boasting about his treatment of Dembska, explaining that he used his car key to sexually violate the woman, also telling prisoners that he negotiated a 20-year sentence as part of a plea bargain. The inspector since denied the aforementioned statement.

Aquilina was also heard threatening to murder his mother and lawyer on the phone, stating that he would kill again if he was let out.

The suspect’s mother sat behind him as he laughed and bragged during intense moments in court, particularly when graphic details of Dembska’s rape and murder were recounted.

Times of Malta reported that even during a search of his cell conducted by a female police officer, Aquilina revealed his genitals, stating “What are you looking for? Why not seize my penis as evidence, because that’s what was inside her.”

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Four-day work week one step to closer to reality as U.S. reintroduces game-changing bill

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The United States have moved one step closer to the reality of a four-day work week, reintroducing a bill in the House of Representatives which would make the 32-hour week a national standard.

The bill would also lower the threshold triggering overtime compensation for the majority of employees and comes as many U.S. states and municipalities continue to explore ways to encourage employers to try it out.

The bill was reintroduced last week by Representative Mark Takano, who expressed his enthusiasm in introducing it whilst holding the belief that it can help American workers across the board.

This time round, it may be difficult for the bill to reach the floor of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, with the previous iteration not even getting a hearing in committee.

Despite this, it has received support from 4 Day Week Global, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), Service Employees International Union and the United Food and the Commercial Workers Union.


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