Here’s how Kanye West’s new album connects to Malta

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Here’s how Kanye West’s new album connects to Malta

Kanye West has made a massive hit with his latest album release ‘DONDA’. The highly anticipated album was released last Sunday and runs for nearly two whole hours. However, the super-star rapper happened to sale a popular YouTube meme which acquired millions of views three years ago called ‘Globglogabgalab’. West’s meme sample was particularly special as it was a mash-up remix created by Grandayy, a Maltese YouTuber who boasts millions of subscribers. 

Grandayy shared the Twitter post which pointed this out, stating that it’s ‘time to sue Kanye West.’ Grandayy’s edit has amassed well over 45 million views and its absolutely bizarre to think of a Maltese meme rising up to such worldwide fame that Kanye West himself sampled it. DONDA was streamed over 60 million times in the US in the first full day of release, with West being the usual controversial figure he is known to be. 


Photo Source: BBC, @grandayy Twitter

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