Here’s everything we know about Kanye West’s album ‘DONDA’

Here's everything we know about Kanye West's album 'DONDA'
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Beyond being one of the most prolific and controversial artists in music history, Kanye West has garnered a reputation of having the worst track records with album roll-outs and by the looks of it, his latest project ‘DONDA’ is no different.

Named after his late mother with the same name, DONDA will serve as a follow-up to Kanye’s 2019 project ‘Jesus is King’, an album which many called his worst one to date.

With Kanye being Kanye, delays and viral moments are expected in the build-up towards the hopeful release of his latest works, but here’s everything we know so far about DONDA.

He’s living at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium until he finishes it

Amongst the most viral and talked about moments of the DONDA album build-up was the reveal of Kanye West’s room within Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium, in which he is living in until he finishes the album.

Reports have also emerged that Kanye is like spending $1 million per day to stay at the stadium until the album is done.

West shared an image of his room within the 71,000-seat stadium, where he also hosted the record-breaking listening party, in which he also has a twin bed, a television, a small closet and a private chef.


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It has already broken a handful of records

In addition to the absolutely mind-boggling price tag on staying at the stadium, the second Donda listening party went on to become Apple Music’s most-watched livestream in history.

Also impressively, sources have revealed that the second listening party raked in over $7 million from in-person merchandise sales; close to the same amount that Kanye’s Yeezy x Gap coat made in one night.

It’s packed with features

No stranger to collaboration, Kanye West has worked with everyone from Bon Iver to Elton John, Daft Punk to Gesaffelstein and everything in between, with DONDA expected to keep up the feature momentum.

Reports and leaks have revealed that the album may include features from Travis Scott, Jay-Z, Roddy Rich, Lil Durk, Lil Baby, Baby Keem, Don Toliver, Pusha T and even a late entry from The Weeknd.

Delays are a given

Despite initially being scheduled for release in July 2020, DONDA seemed to have got lost in the fold, with the subsequent release date being after Kanye’s first listening event at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, where once again it failed to drop.

This repeated itself on August 5 where the album remained unreleased following the second party, with fans increasingly eager for the release after every minor change; including Apple Music updating the album’s description on their platform.

From alleged previews on Beats by Dre ads to the occasional controversial tweet from fellow artists and producers, the roll-out of DONDA is as stressful as it gets.

Kanye and Drake could be playing the waiting game

With Drake seeming to be in the same boat as Kanye when it comes to delays on his latest album ‘Certified Lover Boy’, many are suspecting that the two rap superstars are waiting for each other to drop the album so as to not clash in stream rates and numbers. Despite Kanye and Drake reportedly being in good terms, a streaming battle would mean good money for their shared label Universal Music Group and fans would definitely enjoy music from their favourite artists.

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Real life Ross and Rachel romance shut down by David Schwimmer

Real life Ross and Rachel romance shut down by David Schwimmer
Aug 17 2021 Share

After the entire internet went berserk over the possibility of a real life romance between FRIENDS actors David Schwimmer and Jennifer Anniston, hopes were quickly shut down by a spokesperson for the former actor. The Ross and Rachel romance was a pivotal element to the beloved sitcom, with the on-and-off again romance, lobster references and that famous plane ending hooking fans to the screens. 

After the long awaited FRIENDS reunion earlier this year, rumours spread that Schwimmer and Aniston were meeting in the actresses’ home and getting really close. Fans took this as a sign and ran wild but it seems as though it was all in vain. Schwimmer’s rep shut down the rumours, telling BuzzFeed that they are simply untrue. Despite a small proportion of the fanbase remaining hopeful, it seems as though the two were not actually each other’s real life lobsters. 


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Audi’s shape-shifting concept car is the definition of ‘future’

Audi’s shape-shifting concept car is the definition of ‘future’
Aug 17 2021 Share

Audi have released the concept for their skysphere car, which, upon shifting from human driving to autopilot, expands 10 inches from ened-to-end. The shapeshifting vehicle screams futurism as the long hood extends forward and the steering wheel and pedals fold away. With the driver’s side of the dashboard and the gear selector pulling away, the car creates a comfortable space for the driver to relax. 

Powered by a motor that’s mounted behind the seats, the sky sphere is an electric car which acts like a touring car in self-driving mode. It is an elegant two seater designed for fast and comfortable long distance travel which allows the driver to stretch and relax as the steering wheel and pedals embed themselves into the vehicle. The shape-shifting feature is Audi’s attempt to answer a conundrum – which is how to both satisfy drivers and ensure the safety which comes with self-driving cars. 


Photo Source: Top Gear, Times of India

Malta receives praise from WHO top brass after donating vaccines and testing kits to Libya

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The Maltese government’s donation of 40,000 COVID-19 vaccines and 40,000 Rapid COVID-19 kits to Libya has been met with praise from the World Health Organization’s (WHO) top brass.

Following a tweet from Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne noting the donation, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus took a moment to express his gratitude via the social media site, with WHO Europe Regional Director Hans Kluge also commenting on the move.

Kluge thanked Fearne and the Maltese government, going on to praise Malta’s altruistic act saying “You show that international solidarity & national leadership go hand in hand: No one is safe until everyone is safe”. The consignment of vaccines and testing kits was flown to Tripoli this morning through Air Malta.

Libya has registered a total of 284,618 COVID-19 infections and 3,933 deaths so far, with 862,974 people having received the vaccine out of a 6.9 million strong population.