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Here is what could eliminate the Love Island Malta contestants

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Here is what could eliminate the Love Island Malta contestants

There are a lot of rules and regulations that the Love Island Malta contestants need to follow if they don’t want to risk getting booted out of the villa. 

Of course, the most commonly known rule is the lack of phones, with contestants being allowed phones provided by the team to communicate with them. 

However, contestants cannot use books or magazines or any form of media that would keep them from interacting between each other.

Moreover, any inappropriate behaviour, intoxication, inappropriate nudity and staff discrimination can also result in them getting eliminated out of the competition.

So far, none of the contestants broke these rules, with the only elimination being a self-made choice by Sabrina, who left due to mental health reasons. 

We are now in the second week of the programme, so there’s a lot more set to happen. We’ll have to wait and see whether any of the contestants break the rules. 



Summer in Malta Starter Pack: Here’s what you need to prepare for Summer 2023

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Summer in Malta Starter Pack: Here's what you need to prepare for Summer 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and in Malta, that means hot, sunny days that can be a challenge to endure without the right equipment. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach or a barbecue in your backyard, having the right essential products can make all the difference in staying cool and comfortable. Here are the top essential products you need for summer in Malta.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

If you don’t have central air conditioning, a portable air conditioning unit can be a lifesaver during the hot summer months. These units are easy to move from room to room and are much more affordable than installing a central air conditioning system. They are also a great option for those who live in apartments or other small spaces where central air conditioning isn’t an option.

Gas Barbecues (portable & regular)

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer in Malta is with a barbecue. Whether you’re grilling up burgers, hot dogs, or fresh seafood, a gas barbecue is a must-have for any summer gathering. Portable gas barbecues are great for picnics and trips to the beach, while regular-sized gas barbecues are perfect for backyard parties and family get-togethers.


Fans are another essential product for summer in Malta. They help circulate air and keep you cool during the hottest parts of the day. Whether you’re looking for a standing fan or a tabletop fan, there are many options to choose from to fit your needs.


When you’re spending time outdoors in the summer heat, a cooler is a must-have to keep your drinks and snacks cool and refreshing. Whether you’re heading to the beach or having a picnic in the park, a cooler is essential to keep your food and drinks at the right temperature.

Chairs and Tables

If you’re planning to spend time outdoors this summer, you’ll need somewhere to sit and relax. A comfortable chair is a must-have for any outdoor activity, whether you’re lounging on the beach or sitting in your backyard. A table is also essential for outdoor dining, whether you’re having a family dinner or hosting a party.

Shade Awnings

Finally, shade awnings are a must-have for anyone spending time outdoors in Malta during the summer. These awnings provide much-needed shade from the sun and help keep you cool and comfortable. They’re perfect for backyard gatherings or picnics in the park, and they’re easy to set up and take down.

In conclusion, having the right essential products can make all the difference in enjoying the summer in Malta. From portable air conditioning units and gas barbecues to fans, coolers, chairs, tables, and shade awnings, there are many options to choose from to keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year. So start shopping today and get ready to enjoy all that summer in Malta has to offer!


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France officially bans short haul flights to push train use

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France officially bans short haul flights to push train use

A new ban was signed into law in France this Tuesday targeting short domestic flights for journeys which can be completed in two-and-a-half hours by train. 

Speaking in a decree, France’s transport minister Clement Beaune said that this is ‘an essential step and a strong symbol in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.’ 

Only three routes have been discontented: those which link Paris-Orly airport to the cities of Bordeaux, Nantes and Lyon. Other connecting flights will remain unaffected. 

The EU insisted, for the ban to apply, that the air route in question must have a high-speed rail alternative which makes it possible to travel in less than two-and-a-half hours. 

There must also be enough early and late running trains to enable travellers to spend at least eight hours at the destination. 

However, some have criticised President Emmanuel Macron for ‘watering down’ proposals which recommended bans on flights where train journeys were an alternative. 

Critics stated that high-speed train lines were already doing the job and the ban is basic lip-service to climate concerns. The three routes affected by the ban represent, according to estimates by group Transport & Environment, just 0.3$ of emissions produced by flights taking off from France and 3% of domestic flight emissions. 


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Christina Aguilera is coming to Malta for EuroPride Valletta 2023!

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Christina Aguilera is coming to Malta for EuroPride Valletta 2023!

Singer, songwriter and all around media icon Christina Aguilera is headed to Malta in September to headline EuroPride Valletta 2023’s main concert in the capital.

The musical legend will be gracing the EuroPride main stage with hits like Lady Marmalade, Genie in a Bottle, Beautiful, Candyman and so much more.

EuroPride 2023 is a 10-day, non-stop celebration of equality which will welcome members of the LGBTIQ+ from across the globe for discussions, events, activities, concerts and theme parties.

The hugely inclusive Pride Week is coordinate by ARC – Allied Rainbow Communities, NGOs, individuals and partner organisations to ensure all minorities are represented. It is also supported by The Government of Malta and the Parliamentary Secretariat for Reforms and Equality support and promote LGBTIQ+ equality. Malta is regarded as the gold standard in LGBTIQ+ rights, according to the United Nations Human rights office.

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