Here are the world’s top ten horniest cities – Malta is not on it either

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Here are the world’s top ten horniest cities - Malta is not on it either

Last week we got to know which country has the biggest penis size (spoiler alert: it’s Ecuador). Now, a brand new survey has revealed which cities are the most straight up seductive and horny. 

According to a new survey by online booze delivery service ‘The Bottle Club’, the criteria for this had to do with factors such as the amount of strip clubs, ‘sex events’ and one-hour hotels. 

But that’s not all as the survey counted the number of restaurants selling aphrodisiacs, such as oysters and champagne, and the number of people on OnlyFans. And at the top of that list is London. 

The UK capital was deemed to have a huge number of ‘sex events’, a massive pantheon of people on OnlyFans as well as people signing up to ‘fetish sites.’ London was closely followed by Las Vegas (It’s not called Sin City for nothing). 

Third place was attributed to New York thanks to its large amount of one-hour hotels. The top five list was rounded up by Madrid and Paris, which is bizarre considering the French capital is known for its romantic aura. 

The remaining countries were Rome, Berlin, Toronto, Sydney and, finally, Los Angeles. At the other end of the spectrum were Copenhagen, Cape Town and Porto, which all ranked poorly in terms of strip-clubs, one-hour hotels and OnlyFans users. 

If you’re wondering, Malta did not make it onto such a list once again. We’re starting to suspect that the island is not being considered for such surveys at this point but we’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt. 

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Threats of World War 3 by Russian foreign minister ahead of Western Summit

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Threats of World War 3 by Russian foreign minister ahead of Western Summit

Ahead of a meeting between the United States and allies about sending further arms to Ukraine, Russia has issued warnings of the ‘real’ threat of World War 3 breaking out. 

Western forces have been quite reluctant to deepen their involvement in the conflict between the neighbouring countries as they feared a war against nuclear-armed Russia. 

Moscow’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned the risk of a Third World War is serious and went on to criticise Kyiv’s approach to floundering peace talks. 

‘It is real, you can’t underestimate it’ said Lavrov. This follows months of urging by Ukrainian President Zelenskyy to Western allies to send heavy weapons such as artillery and fighter jets. 

NATO countries are now pledging to provide a range of heavy weapons and equipment despite protests from Moscow. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken met Zelenskyy and promised $700 million in aid to Ukraine. 

40 other countries will also hold a security summit in Germany on Tuesday to discuss further arms to Ukraine, as well as to ensure the country’s long term security once the war is over. 

Among invited countries are EU allies, Australia and Japan. Meanwhile, Finland and Sweden, which have been traditionally neutral countries, have been considering NATO membership. 


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WATCH: Factory catches fire in St. Venera; workers evacuated

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Civil protection officers are currently conducting a delicate operation at the Twistees factory in St. Venera after reports of a massive fire within the building.

The fire reportedly emerged at around 4.15pm, causing significant clouds of smoke in the area. It is understood that there are considerable amounts of oil, diesel and cardboard in the building.

The workers have been evacuated and are currently attempting to remove company vehicles from the garage while the Civil Protection officials are currently attempting to extinguish the fires.

No injuries have been reported thus far.


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Eve Borg Bonello reveals she spent €500 on election campaign

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Eve Borg Bonello reveals she spent €500 on election campaign

Nationalist MP Eve Borg Bonello spent over €500 throughout her 40-day election campaign. Borg Bonello published a brief breakdown of her campaign expenses on her page. 

Her team spent €200 on business cards, €256.40 on Facebook advertisements and €50 on stationery. She also used a €100 donation to cover the price of branded pens and a banner for her pop-up office. 

The total cost around €506.40. So far, only Borg Bonello and independent candidate Arnold Cassola published their campaign expenses. 

On his part, Cassola spent €3,283, receiving €455 in donations. Election candidates are legally required to submit their income and expenditure reports to the Electoral Commission. 

Candidates are not allowed to spend more than €20,000 for every district they contest. The electoral commission reminded candidates that they have until Monday 2nd May to submit their reports. 

“Whosoever fails to submit such report or submits it late would be breaching the provisions in regulations 41 to 52 of the Fourteenth Schedule in the General Elections Act (Cap. 354) and would be liable to the stipulated consequences,” the commission said.


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