Here are the top five Christmas movies to watch this weekend

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December is with us and it is finally acceptable to watch Christmas movies without being judged… and with this weather, we’re sure you have a cosy night in with some take-away food planned. Here is a list of our 5 undisputed Christmas classics:

1. Elf

This is probably the first film that came to mind when you think of ‘Christmas movies’ and for good reason Will Ferrell’s 2003 comedy is equally hilarious as it is joyful and it is one of the ultimate Christmas films to be watching this festive weekend.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

We’re still in the first week of December and you’ve probably called someone a Grinch, already right? This film is an undisputed classic and anyone who disagrees is probably a Grinch.

3. Home Alone

What really is Christmas without Home Alone? Macaulay Culkin’s cult classic will appeal to adults seeking a nostalgia trip as well as the younger generation who have yet to experience what a proper Christmas movie looks like.

4. The Polar Express

Throw some animation into the mix with The Polar Express. You’re never too young or old to watch this because regardless of your age, you will feel Christmas wander every single time.

5. Any Harry Potter film

This one may turn a couple of heads but we have to admit that we wholeheartedly approve the idea of Harry Potter actually being a Christmas film. Long gowns, hot butterbeer and winter vibes, the Harry Potter series is the ultimate winter night-in accompaniment. So grab a couple of snacks from the sweet troller and get the pyjamas ready, because the Gryffindor clan are waiting.

Do you agree with our list?



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Police identify body found close to Filfla as missing diver

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Police identify body found close to Filfla as missing diver

The police have identified the cadaver, which had been found close to Filfla six days ago, as 42-year-old Danilo Scolari.

The diver had been reported missing six days prior to his discovery, last being spotted near the Freeport wearing a camouflage wetsuit on Sunday November 21. The man’s body was then found on Friday November 26 and reported to the police soon after, with the police being unable to identify the body at that time.

The police thanked the public for the assistance in the issue.



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IT’S TIME: The last 5 episodes of Money Heist are finally out

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IT’S TIME: The last 5 episodes of Money Heist are finally out

After successfully becoming the first non-English language series to become an international cultural phenomenon, Money Heist’s last 5 episodes are finally on Netflix.

Money Heist blew the door open on non-English language series, making way for further growth in the international entertainment market with Korean series like Squid Game reaching record-breaking numbers and becoming Netflix’s most-watched show and Hellbound following soon after.

Developed by Spain’s Antena 3 network, Money Heist is about an unlikely group of thieves named after cities around the world who organise a number of elaborate heists. Their leader, The Professor, went on to become a cultural icon in Spain and around the world. The series’ popularity is likely due to the universally-appealing underdog story and the balance between what is good and bad, amongst other culturally-relevant facets of the series.

Earlier this week, news also made the rounds that the series’ enigmatic frontrunner Berlin will be getting his own spinoff on Netflix.

Are you a Money Heist fan?


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Wanted Serbian fugitive extradited over drug-related offences

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Wanted Serbian fugitive extradited over drug-related offences

Mario Marjanov, a fugitive criminal wanted by Serbian authorities, will be extradited upon the decision of the court.

The 29-year-old was found guilty of the unlawful production and subsequent circulation of drugs as well as facilitating the use of such drugs. The charges resulted in a three year and three-month prison term as decided by the Higher Court of Zrenjanin Serbia back in February 2019.

Marjanov is the holder of a Serbian passport and Maltese residence permit. He was based in Malta and could not be traced by Serbian authorities, remaining at large until he was tracked to Malta. The fugitive was arrested in October and arraigned before a Magistrates’ Court, where Marjanov contested the request for extradition.

The 29-year-old was allowed 15 days from judgement, in line with the right to appeal and file an action for any alleged breach of rights.


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