Here are Forbes’ top 5 highest paid athletes for 2022

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Here are Forbes’ top 5 highest paid athletes for 2022

Forbes have just released their list of the highest paid athletes for the year 2022 and, despite a disappointing season on the pitch, Lionel Messi has still seized the top spot.

The now Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi was the highest paid athlete in the world over the last 12 months, bringing in pre-tax gross earnings of $130 million per year. 

He has stayed ahead of the likes of LeBron James and rival Cristiano Ronaldo. Messi earns a reported $75 million a year from soccer, but cashes in on $55 million from sponsorship deals and other endorsements. 


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The highest top 10 earners were all men, collectively bringing in $992 million in pre-tax gross earnings over last year collectively. 

In second place, NBA superstar LeBron James comes in a narrow second on the rich list, earning $121.2 million per year. He managed to cash in on his talk show as well as his last year starring role in Space Jam: A New Legacy film. 

Cristiano Ronaldo rounds up the top three, earning $115 million after moving from Juventus to Manchester United. Ronaldo has 690 million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, allowing him to leverage for higher sponsorship fees from a number of companies. 


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Celebrate World Cocktail Day at one of Malta’s hottest hubs!

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Celebrate World Cocktail at one of Malta’s hottest hubs!

It’s World Cocktail Day, and MaltaDaily have picked some of the island’s best hubs to hit and enjoy some of the best cocktails around. Read on to discover some of Malta’s most beloved spots to enjoy alongside your friends on this day dedicated to cocktail lovers or for any laid back weekend!

Tribe, Valletta 

Tribe is the hotspot for those who are looking for something healthy but also enjoy a little naughty escape at the same time. Their cocktails are to die for, but they also have some of the most pristine sides people can enjoy as they sip on their favourite drink!

Marea, Kalkara

Marea’s recent introduction to the scene has been a notable one… and their cocktail game is definitely up there. Situated at the Kalkara Waterfront, Marea offers you the chance for a sea-side cocktail afternoon. And you might want to try out their sushi whilst you’re there!

La Luz, Sliema 

La Luz  has one of the most iconic looks for a bar on the entire island – entering this bar is like entering a bizarre but welcoming alternate dimension. And their cocktail craft is also out of this world, served with expertise and professionalism.  

Nine Lives, Bugibba

The title says it all! – Nine Lives’ purpose is to give the customer the opportunity to lay down and relax on comfortable sun-beds and enjoy their delicious cocktails or foods. And if you stick around to night time, the music will completely transform the atmosphere… we’ll let you experience it for yourself. 

Aki, Valletta

At the heart of Malta’s capital city, Aki is a contemporary Japanese restaurant as well as a lounge bar providing customers the chance to sip on some very unique cocktail brews. With a wide variety to choose from, Aki will be an evening to remember. 

Hammett’s Mestizo, St. Julian’s 

A vibrant Meso-South American inspired fusion social experience, Hammett’s Mestizo brings culinary influences all the way from the Andes to the Amazon and the Caribbean. With seasoned chefs and baristas, the Mestizo is will take you on a journey! 

Where will you be enjoying your cocktails?


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UK judges rule calling men bald is sexual harassment

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UK judges rule calling men bald is sexual harassment

A panel of judges in Sheffield have just ruled that calling a man bald will be deemed sexual harassment. 

Each of the three judges which oversaw the North Yorkshire tribunal themselves also suffered from hair loss. They went on to conclude that using the word bald to describe someone is a form of discrimination. 

One of the judges highlighted the fact that baldness is more prevalent among men than women, and thus such insults make it a form of prejudice. 

According to the Telegraph, the judges suggested that commenting on a man’s baldness at work is the same as remarking the size of a woman’s breasts. 

The judges decided on the ruling during a case brought by electrician Tony Finn, who was fired from his job during May of last year after 24 years employment. Finn took the company in question to court claiming he was the victim of sexual harassment. 

Allegedly, his supervisor had made offensive remarks, almost ending up in violence between the two men. The Supervisor, 30 years younger than Finn, had called him a ‘bald c**t.’ 



Local dancer hits out at Maltese dancers not chosen for Eurovision…again

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Local dancer hits out at Maltese dancers not chosen for Eurovision

Local dancer and choreographer Luke Brincat took to social media to give his 5c about how Maltese dancers were, yet again, not chosen to perform on the international Eurovision stage. 

Brincat, who is the creator and director of DanceLab, started his post by saying that despite the song choice  not being the best choice for Emma, he had a lot more to say about the dancers. ‘Don’t get me started about those dancers.’

‘I’ve been wanting to post since the release of the first rehearsal footage…I’ve bit my tongue for too long.’

Luke highlighted how year after year, foreign dancers are chosen over local professional dancers to ‘avoid flights and lodging.’ 

‘No Maltese dancer or choreographer could have possibly done the couple of movements the foreign dancers did’ he said sarcastically. ‘Pretty sure that fellow local dancers who sweat their asses off every single day… too some day make it in this industry… agree 100%’. 

What do you make of this? 

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