Here are 5 alternatives to try when Chat GPT is at capacity

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Here are 5 alternatives to try when Chat GPT is at capacity

Chat GPT has proven to be a massive hit for various uses – whether it is to help you on your essay due tomorrow or to simply search about important information.

However, due to its popularity, the AI is often at capacity with many using it for their own reasons. So here are five other options you might want to try out. 

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing: slightly more difficult to use as you have to get approval to use the tool. You can preview the tool without signing up on Bing’s homepage. Simply click learn more to a prompt about the new Bing coming later on.


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Bard by Google: also slightly difficult to access due to a likely waitlist. So far, only testers have access to Bard but it is apparently quite underwhelming in its performance. 

Jasper: a more business focused AI. It costs some money but it is evidently worth it due to improving blogs and other material. 

YouChat: YouChat has a slimmed down version of ChatGPT’s function. What is great about this AI is that it lists sources it used to give answers. 

Chatsonic: despite costing a subscription fee, Chatsonic is designed to be a chatbot just like ChatGPT. It will cost you around $13 per month but has been described as Chat GPT with superpowers. 


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Traditional folk music back in full force during Nadur Carnival

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Traditional folk music back in full force during Nadur Carnival

Amidst all the creative madness going on in Nadur during carnival weekend and beyond, the traditional folk music also made its own comeback.

The tradition brings various instruments used in traditional Maltese music making and even allows carnival attendees to jump in if they so wish to create a merry atmosphere. 


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Playing harmonicas, drums, guitars and other traditional instruments, the public was treated to the true meaning of spontaneity as rhythm was created by musician and carnival goers alike. 

This contrasted to all the activities ongoing in the streets of Nadur, as the carnival goers all got creative with their costumes and even created small scenes and activities including building pavements, cooking pasta and painting ‘prosit Ministru’ on the road. 

What do you make of this? 

Source: Max Saliba 

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The Mukaab: Saudi Arabia’s massive cube skyscraper project

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The Mukaab: Saudi Arabia's massive cube skyscraper project

Plans were announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that a massive new proposed structure in the country’s capital Riyadh, called New Murabba, will be kicking off. 

According to Riyadh-based newspaper Arab News, the Mukaab, will be serving as the focal point of the city’s New Murabba downtown. 

The infrastructure will be a third the size off Manhattan and can fit about 20 Empire State buildings. The enormous structure is expected to transform the downtown as promotional videos show the span of this new project. 

It will resemble a hollow cube, with its design said to be inspired by traditional Najdi architecture. 

The 19 square kilometre complex will be erected to the Northwest of central Riyadh and will be one of the largest built structures in the entire world. 

The building will be 400 metres high and 400 metres long on each side, making it a supertall skyscraper. Everything from hospitality, retail and leisure will form part of this new project. 

It will add 104,000 residential units, 9,000 hotel rooms, 980,000 square metres off retail space, 1.4 million square metres of office space, an 80 venue entertainment and cultural program and much more. 

A museum, a multipurpose theatre and various other amenities will be available in the complex with a transportation system and be situated around 20 minutes from the airport by car. 


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Fashion brand ‘Unhidden’ includes models with various disabilities

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Fashion brand 'Unhidden' includes models with various disabilities

During London Fashion Week, fashion designer Victoria Jenkins presented her collection of stylish and practical clothes designed specifically for people with disabilities. 

The event, named “Unhidden: A New Era in Fashion,” showcased around 30 models, all of whom live with a disability, chronic condition, or visible difference. 

Jenkins, who has reduced mobility herself, recognised the gap in the market for clothes designed for all bodies during a hospital stay in 2016, when another patient brought it to her attention. 

She decided to use her experience as a garment technologist to create her brand of adaptive fashion, “Unhidden,” which targets inclusion of people with disabilities in the fashion industry.

Jenkins’ collection includes floaty dresses with easy access around the waist, colourful chiffon tie shirts with adjustable sleeves, and royal blue shirts with pop snaps that open and close easily. 

The collection also features shirts with longer backs for wheelchair users, tailor-made suits, and other practical designs. 

Jessica Ping-Wild, a model and content creator who uses a prosthetic leg, expressed her appreciation for Unhidden, saying that a designer taking into account that bodies are different breaks the mould of beauty that has been ingrained in society for centuries.

Jenkins hopes that her clothes become more widely available in the future, as she believes that diversity without disability isn’t true diversity. 

She wants people to understand that being disabled is not a bad word and that fashion should be accessible to everyone. By creating her brand, Jenkins aims to provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to dress how they need to without sacrificing their dignity.


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